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Handling Breakups: Try Affirmations And Self Hypnosis

Most people who come to sessions with me have a common problem : a recent breakup. They are unable to cope with the stress that breakup brings alongwith it.

Affirmation Imprinting Technique Explained

I am sure you all must have come across affirmations at some point of time in your life. These are nothing but your very own desires which your repeat to yourself.

Reverse Affirmations : Best tool to Attract People

I am pretty sure you must have certainly heard of affirmations from a lot of sources, but I am here today to present before you a very different idea called Reverse Affirmations.

Designing Affirmations to Earn More

If you want to change the way of life you live, affirmations are a tool I would suggest since they truly are very powerful.

Use Positive Affirmations Daily

The majority of thoughts that occur to us in a day are negative. Every thought or statement we make is an affirmation. It leave a mark on our subconscious mind.

Self Esteem Affirmations

Circumstances and experiences in one’s life can hamper the confidence of a person to a great extent. Self esteem takes a major hit.

Positive Affrimations for a Positive Life.

Many of us have nurtured many negative thoughts in our heads. These, in turn, have inhibited us from trying out anything new. Hence most people are happy to be in their “comfort” zone.

Affirmations to Help You Give Up Smoking

The latest tool for each and everyone to realize their dreams are affirmations.

Use Affirmations to Lose Weight

It might amaze you but it is not food nor the exercise you do that determines your weigh loss, it is your attitude that determines how much you lose.

Software That Imprints Afirmations Into Your Subconscious Mind

There is cut throat competition in every arena in society today. You have to keep yourself updated if you want to advance in you career or your social status.

Affirmations : Are They Effective?

Affirmations can bring you success and sometimes make things happen for you which you thought very only possible through a miracle. This is not a whim or a figment of my imagination.

The Flip Side of Affirmations

Are you aware what problems these affirmations can create?

Failure of Affirmations : The Analysis and Solution

Many people use affirmations but are not satisfied with the results and so give up using them. The main cause of why affirmations fail is due to our inability to be alert and receive them.

Know Why Affirmations Fail and Frame Your Affirmations Correct

Affirmations are used by many people to improve in the desired areas. But many do find that they haven’t improved significantly in spite of using affirmations.

Tips for Creating Affirmations

1) Affirmations should be short. Just like a seed is small and you water them to grow it into a plan, affirmations to begin with should be short.

21 Days Affirmation Program

Affirmations, when used regularly, can transform your life drastically. Why is that only few of us ever practice them?

Positive Affirmation : Start Right Away!

Let me tell you all about positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmation and Optimism : Mantra to Achieve Your Goals

Each one of us has some professional and personal goals to achieve in one’s life. An optimistic approach and positive affirmations can help you achieve them easily.

Affirmations : Air Them As Often as Possible in Your Brain

It is known that affirmations do work. Time has come to move up the value chain. Company spare no stone unturned and have big budgets to popularize their products.

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