21 Days Affirmation Program

Affirmations, when used regularly, can transform your life drastically. Why is that only few of us ever practice them? If affirmations are used on a day to day basis, you can accelerate your development in a great way.

The first affirmation perhaps was created by an European doctor who used them to cure his patients. He made his patients say, ‘ I m improving in every possible way daily’. And he could observe great improvements in the state of his patients health.

He could observe marked improvement if his patients practiced this for about half an hour daily.

The reason why affirmations reap results for us is that they constantly make us aware of what we want to accomplish. Very often, we become so involved and tied up in our lives that we ignore the opportunities which would help us move in the direction of achieving our goals.

Some crucial points about how to design affirmations are to make them have positive connotation. Be sure that the affirmation emphasizes what you want to achieve rather than focusing on what you don’t desire.

Practice repeating the affirmation continuously for at least 21 days. I say 21 days because it is believed this is the time it takes for something to get deeply ingrained in our discipline and personality.
Choose any time slot during the day and repeat the affirmation aloud with a passion. This will again reinforce it in you brain, thereby reminding you of your objectives.

Do not lose any more time. Start right away and cultivate this habit and I assure you that you will enjoy great results when you practice these affirmations on a daily basis.

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