Affirmation Imprinting Technique Explained

I am sure you all must have come across affirmations at some point of time in your life. These are nothing but your very own desires which your repeat to yourself. This techniques is also known as “Affirmation Imprinting”

The basic motive behind Affirmation Imprinting is to embed the idea into our subconscious brain so that it becomes a part of our personality. Once this embedding happens successfully , your subconscious will make you aware of the differences and drive you to close the gap. It will give you new ways to think, innovate and think the out of the box way. You will have innumerable doors to be successful in a variety of domains.

To make the most of affirmation imprinting, it is very much essential to frame the sentences or affirmations in a particular fashion.
The first rule is that they should always use the word “I”. it give the affirmation a personal touch and your brain naturally is conditioned to respond better to things which involve you.

The second rule is that an affirmation should always have a positive connotation. Never use any negative words like ‘not’, ‘cannot’, ‘never’ etc.

The third is to employ words which help you visualize. Eventhough, our subconscious mind is very powerful, visuals would make this even simpler. When you use visual words, it focuses on those images and hence doesn’t get distracted by negative words. Suppose you use, “ I don’t have junk food”, your mind visualizes junk food image and hence you get tempted subconsciously to have it more. Hence it doesn’t help you give up your habit of eating junk.

Next comes the tense to be used. Many people tend to use the future tense, but this is a wrong practice. Future doesn’t make you act now, it procrastinates things to some time which is yet to come, hence no imprinting is possible. So it is advisable to use the present tense always.

When you say, “I will be successful”, you hope to be successful some time in future rather than believing that you are currently successful. When you say your success to be in future you subconscious finds no gap and hence doesn’t drive you to close those gaps.

Change the affirmatioin to,”I am successful”. This will trigger your subconscious mind to compare your inner world and then immediately there comes a gap and you will be inspirted to close it and will ultimately achieve success.

Just follow these simple guidelines and you are sure to taste success soon!

Don’t adopt a big bang approach to changing things. Choose one aspect and then gradually work towards improving it. Too many things at a time, may be too overwhelming. Start with one and when you notice significant improvement then devise a new affirmation and adopt it.

Use cards on which you can write these affirmation using bold alphabets and place them in a place where you will never miss looking at them. Write these cards yourself. Aim to limit the affirmation to a single sentence.

The best places to place these cards are near your bed, on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror and if you are a computer freak on your computer too!. Place them where you will always be able to look at them.

It is will be very much beneficial to you if you say the affirmations aloud just before you sleep and when you wake up. While you utter them aloud, be passionate and smiling always. This will accelerate the embedding process.

Every time you read those cards placed at your easily accessible locations, say them aloud with full conviction. Soon you will notice significant differences.

You can use special software, based on subliminal messages, that will imprint affirmations into your subconscious mind. Try such software programs as Subliminal Flash and Subliminal Images.

A good point to adopt a new affirmation, is the time when you notice things which you desired to happen.

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