Affirmations : Air Them As Often as Possible in Your Brain

It is known that affirmations do work. Time has come to move up the value chain. Company spare no stone unturned and have big budgets to popularize their products. We all come across such promotions in our daily life. But wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to come with a promotion for yourself?

Design an advertisement for yourself which would highlight your qualities, achievements and will inspire you to excel in more areas. This ad could be long or short in duration, but it is essential that you “air” it in your mind for at least a few weeks.

Here are few tips you could use to design the commercial. It should point out all that you have accomplished till now. Make it a point that the ad reminds you of the qualities you possess and that uniquely belong to you.

You must have noticed that the same ads are run and repeated over a period of time. This is to make people remember these ads. You should also recall the commercial you designed in your mind everyday, so that you boost up your confidence level.

I am sure many of do recall jingles used by the commercials that are telecasted on TV. One measure to check if you succeeded in ingraining your ad is to notice how many times in a day you can recall the jingle you came up with. The crucial point is to freeze the ad at some point , because repeatedly changing it will not fulfill its purpose.

The motive behind this commercial is to remind you of your achievements and capabilities. Very often, people only nurture thoughts which undermine their capabilities. If you cultivate this habit of “airing” your ad in your mind, you will notice how well these help you when compared to affirmations.

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