Affirmations : Are They Effective?

Affirmations can bring you success and sometimes make things happen for you which you thought very only possible through a miracle. This is not a whim or a figment of my imagination. It is what many people who have used affirmations claim. But then why are there so many people who say affirmations are useless? It could be using the right method to reap the benefits one wants. Books are the most commonly sought source for help regarding affirmations. But books provide very less information about affirmations and hence are not very helpful.

Let us briefly discuss the motive of using affirmations. The main aim behind using affirmations is to make the subconscious mind register some idea. Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind can attract or drive away anything it perceives to be true. It is not at all judgmental. So is you keep on repeating,” I will always fail”, you will end up as a failure. So in order to turn your life around, there are 5 simple rules, 2 of them are detailed in the following contents.

The first and foremost thing to remember is that your subconscious mind has to BELIEVE in the affirmation. If you are weighing 300 pounds and tell yourself that it is 100 pounds, it won’t be accepted as truth by the subconscious mind. If your monetary situation is bad and you tell yourself to earn $150,000, it will be a bad attempt at convincing your subconscious mind. Confused? Don’t worry, the solution is very straight.

The solution is to use the words, “ I choose”, so now your affirmation will be : ” I choose to get $150,000”. I hope you understand the idea and purpose behind this.

Secondly, in order to convince your subconscious mind you have to prove things true to it. Suppose that you are obese and you use the affirmation, “ I choose to healthy and less calorie food”. This could work only if you are actually doing so. When you are eating a meal that is not healthy, your mind will not be convinced about the affirmation. Thus the affirmation will be of no use to you, because your subconscious mind doesn’t see any proof of it. Instead, if you eat a healthy and less calorific food and say,” I choose to eat healthy and low calorie food”, you will be able to convince your subconscious mind fully. This will also help you move closer to what you want to achieve.

Detailed above are just 2 methods to use the affirmations so that they are more effective and beneficial to you. Practice them regularly and you will enjoy the results of your affirmations soon!

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