Affirmations to Help You Give Up Smoking

The latest tool for each and everyone to realize their dreams are affirmations. No matter which class you belong to – the critic or the non believer, chances are that you have never come across the term affirmations if they have not benefited you till now.

The greatest thing about affirmations is that there are only two kind of people dealing with it: ardent supporters and staunch critics. For the former group affirmations are a way of life, while the latter hate them to the hilt.

Lets us look at affirmations in detail and examine how them can be used to give up the habit of smoking marijuana.

Technically, affirmations are statements which are essentially positive in nature and framed in the present tense to emphasize the goal you want to achieve. For example:
“I am a person who is gregarious, caring, inquisitive and full of energy”

Never in an affirmation will you find the word ‘was’ or anything in the past tense. It is always in the present tense i.e. NOW.

Present is what we live in. The past has already gone by and no one can predict the future accurately. The only thing we have is the present, NOW. The first step for affirmations to help you is that you should have an immovable belief in them. Repeating them as often as possible is a good practice for reinforcing your belief. It should become a part your life and discipline. I insist on this because once you believe in them, the subconscious mind will prompt you to move in that direction.

Isn’t that easy?

True, Affirmations are easy to use and bear highly satisfactory results.
Perhaps, the most efficient way for using affirmations so that you give up the habit of smoking is to frame some very positive statements in a lingo that you most use. The affirmations should sound real and should be using present tense. It has to be so convincing that by repeating it to yourself, you make your subconscious brain believe that you have already accomplished quitting.

An affirmation which might help you abandon smoking is:
“I am not under any external influence which controls me. I alone am the one controlling my life. I am mature enough to decide what is most beneficial to me, my career and my life.”

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