Designing Affirmations to Earn More

If you want to change the way of life you live, affirmations are a tool I would suggest since they truly are very powerful. Affirmations makes us change our personality, thereby we adopt an optimistic approach to issues in life and attract things we wish. If you are considering to experiment with some affirmations take care to follow some methods and also to avoid some common mistakes.

The principle behind affirmations is very simple. We repeat the affirmation again and again so that it becomes so embedded in our brains that our subconscious mind thinks it is the truth. Hence, we too start believing in it and move towards realizing it. For example if you use the affirmation, “I earn a fat salary”, and if you repeat it again and again, you will soon move towards that goal.

You may have experimented some affirmations earlier but given up since you could any beneficial results from them. Repeating short positive sentences again and again is not what will make affirmations work for you. Below are some tips you should follow if you want to improve your monetary condition.

Affirmations should be used with feeling and passion. The basic aim is to relinquish old beliefs and inculcate a whole new positive belief system. To start with, use an image to reinforce your belief. Visual symbols are very powerful since the brain easily captures them. Flash the image as often as possible and it will get deeply embedded into your brain. If you want to earn a fat salary imagine the salary check that you wish to draw. This visual symbol will give added energy to your belief.

Whatever belief we have built so far is due to the feelings we have for a particular issue or circumstance. Hence if an affirmation is to be designed, just imagine yourself the feeling of satisfaction, joy you will have when you achieve it. Every time you utter the affirmation feel the emotion. Try to feel the emotion fully by focusing continuously on that experience and you will soon achieve it.

Affirmations should be self designed. Each one of us has his/her own aspirations, hence you would be the best person to devise an affirmation. Of course, there are scores of resources available to choose your affirmation, but we very careful when choosing one. If you choose one, do modify it as you feel to reflect your feelings. One fundamental rule which is never to be broken is – affirmation should have a positive connotation and should be framed in the present tense. The affirmation should sound such as if you have already attained/accomplished what you desire.

But do not be careless in designing your affirmations. If you use an affirmation which is absolutely out of sync with what your brain belief, it will never believe it. For example if you repeat, “ I am rich” when you are in dire states and deep debt, you will never succeed in convincing your brain and hence the affirmation is bound to fail.
Keep the affirmation to a generic level. It should not be too generic or too specific. Keep it such that it seems achievable. Some examples are, “ I will be alert to the new avenues to earn money” or “ I will bring more wealth in my lifestyle”.

The affirmations should be easy to use, if you follow the above recommended methods. Be patient since changing belief may take a long time. This is a very simple way to attract more money into your life. If you want affirmations to take great effect you can use special software, based on subliminal messages. It will display affirmations subliminally when you are working on your computer.

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