Failure of Affirmations : The Analysis and Solution

Many people use affirmations but are not satisfied with the results and so give up using them. The main cause of why affirmations fail is due to our inability to be alert and receive them. The negative emotions and complex thoughts that we nurture nullify the results of the affirmations.

This is an irony. The primary purpose of using affirmations is to get rid of debilitating emotions and complex thoughts. But we all are aware that it won’t be affective in the long run, if used this way.

Hence the first step is to get rid of those harmful emotions and thoughts.

What is the method to do so?

We should be aware of the fact that we react in a particular fashion to the activities or events because of our belief system. Stated simply, our reactions are based on what we think we are and how much worth we attach to ourselves as human beings. It is the self-respect that decides how we react.

Hence, we need to focus on shaping our self respect and esteem in a manner that it does not nurture any negative emotions and thoughts
Having done this and believe me, it is possible, no factor can prevent affirmations from bearing results that we desire.

Even better is the fact that once we cleanse our emotions and thoughts, one might not need those affirmations. This is because having got rid of negative thoughts it becomes default in us to think positively.

And then the Law of Attraction will unleash its magic into your life. It will bring into your life all the positive aspects which you nurture in the form of your thoughts.

You will definitely be able to attract the money, success and fame which will make us satisfied and relieve our mind and soul from any disturbances. You will be able to realize the potential that was earlier untapped in you.

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