The Flip Side of Affirmations

Are you aware what problems these affirmations can create?

Affirmations are a powerful tool. They help us give up our inhibitions and believe that anything is achievable. But the flip side is that these can be very harmful too. Harmful because everyone of us is practicing them day in and day out. Such is their power that many of us are completely unaware that we use them constantly.

Each day the affirmations we use become truth. These are generally predictions made for one’s own betterment.

Mary needs to go to a party. Shy in nature, she repeatedly reminds herself that she will be regarded a waste and will just be an unknown person when compared to the beautiful people that will be coming to the party. So the result is that Mary’s lingers about the party and finds no one who is interested in her.

Brian has an interview he needs to clear because its been almost half a year he is jobless. But his confidence is so low and he believes no one will ever employ him. So what happens at the interview? He fails to secure the job. The reason – he lacks confidence and had come to the interview believing he is not a deserving candidate.

The above two instances are not isolated. Each one of us does this. We constantly tell ourselves about our inability in achieving or completing a task and in the process we are moving towards failure.
Most common example is, “ I feel tired”. I use it many times and I am sure most of you also do. We are achieving nothing, rather we talk ourselves to feel weary and drained out.

Hence I recommend you to put a bar on those debilitating thoughts. The more we tell ourselves about our inability to do a task, the more are the chances that we will not even try attempting to do that task.

Just try the opposite and you will discover the immense potential it has. Instead of taking an “ I can’t do it” stand to “I can and will complete it”. Who knows, you may find success soon!. Practice this for a day, week, proceed to a month and I am sure by then you would have cultivated it as a habit and will find it easy tool to be successful in whatever you undertake.

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