Handling Breakups: Try Affirmations And Self Hypnosis

Most people who come to sessions with me have a common problem : a recent breakup. They are unable to cope with the stress that breakup brings alongwith it. This breakup could be with wife, husband, boyfriend or even with the latest crush. It makes many people depressed to the extent that they feel no use continuing to live on this earth. 68% of married people end up breaking, hence there is a great crisis in society today. Breakups are definitely emotionally stressful, I only hope this article teaches you how to handle it.

The hurt and pain that you experience when you break up gradually fades. The emotions are usually not concerned with the other person. Confused? The pain has its roots in something which you may have felt a long time ago – in your childhood. It is a very common tendency of people to project their pain to experiences external to themselves. The breakup only brings these kind of deep feelings to the fore.

If you experience a number of breakups in your life, then probably you need to introspect. You need to find why you get attracted to people and finally end up breaking up with them. The other person in your relationship could also have the same feelings. It is usual to find people with same feelings getting into a relationship. You will attract people who have same feelings as that of yours. Hence if you want to have successful relationshiop you need to change your feelings. Feel more worthy and lovable, instead of feeling rejected and depressed.

You could keep in repeating the affirmations incessantly. But your inner subconscious doesn’t accept it. The easiest way for you to make these affirmations filter into your mind is to make the critical mind sleep or inactive. This way your subconscious mind bypasses the conscious filter and hence is able to taken the affirmations. Continue this for a month and you will see that the messages and vibrations you send out to people will be different. If you are a woman , you will find a lot of men who seem perfect for you and vice versa.

Everyone deserves love and it is upto you to attract it to you. No matter what your education is, what caste or creed you belong to, you have unlimited power to create the world and love you want in your life. The self hypnosis programs I have designed are very much beneficial to people who are finding a bad time in their relationships. Just try such program as Subliminal Flash: it will help you change your thoughts so as to attract the right kind of people.

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