Know Why Affirmations Fail and Frame Your Affirmations Correct

Affirmations are used by many people to improve in the desired areas. But many do find that they haven’t improved significantly in spite of using affirmations. Many people get discouraged and stop the use of affirmations feeling they are just a whim and nothing real can be accomplished.

Everything has a cause behind it, and same is the case with affirmations too. To unlock the mystery behind why affirmations are not giving you the results, it is essential to understand how the affirmations you designed and use are making you feel.
Technically, an affirmation is a simple sentence framed in the present tense and expresses a desire. An example of affirmation is “I have a perfect, slim body”.

Affirmations, usually it is advised, should be stated as if you already possess the thing you are trying to achieve and should be in present tense. Look at the following:

“I have a number of clients”
“I earn huge amount of money”
“I have a very lovely relation with all my friends “

The Law of Attraction is always at work. Each thought that is born in our minds sends out a vibration. Each individual reacts to these vibrations in his/her own way. For example when you say “ I have a slim and beautiful body”, each person reacts differently. Those who think they obese will contradict saying,” I am fat and big and ugly. It is a lie that I have a slim and beautiful body”, whereas a slim person will react positively to this affirmation. The crucial thing to remember is that the Law of Attraction is always at work and every vibration has a reaction which could be good or bad.

Your thoughts always make you feel. It is this FEELing that counts in addition to what you say.

Tips To Frame Affirmations
It is very necessary for the affirmations to be real if you want to realize it soon. Usually it is advised to frame the affirmation in present tense. My advise is to consider beginning with the phrase “in the process.”

The above “process” is of great importance. Whenever you think, you speak , you write or give attention to your desire in any manner you are commemorating the process of realizing your desires. When you say, “ I’m in the process..”, you send a vibration to which the reaction is positive and it makes you FEEL good. Some instances on how to frame using this phrase are illustrated below:
“I’m in the process of….”

I’m in the process of building cordial relationships with my family members.
I’m in the process of earning more wealth.
I’m in the process of gaining more customers.

Each of the above statements is real and makes you feel better. When you feel positive, it means that the Law of Attraction is sending out a positive vibration to your thoughts.

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