Reverse Affirmations : Best tool to Attract People

I am pretty sure you must have certainly heard of affirmations from a lot of sources, but I am here today to present before you a very different idea called Reverse Affirmations.

Usually when people use affirmations they think in this pattern : I am powerful. But under the reverse affirmations technique people would think : you find me powerful. The reason behind this is that, when you say to yourself that you are powerful, your brain immediately rejects it refusing to believe in it.

But when you change your thinking to : People find me powerful, you will start believing in it over a period of time. And then you will enjoy the benefits that this kind of affirmation showers on you.

The logic behind this fact? Your brain rejects anything that has an ā€œIā€, but when it appears as if other people feel so you will definitely start believing in it. What others think cannot be ruled by you, so your mind starts accepting it.

Yet, one might claim this not to be true, because as of now, you believe in the opposite. Yes, initially you may not believe it, but ultimately this will become a fact if you continue to push yourself into these affirmations.

It my no be true now, but you have nothing to lose. This does not make any difference.

What you think counts in the end. Because thoughts are what shape your personality and how you react is very much governed by your personality.

Try what I say in the following words : whenever you get a chance to interact with a person you are fond of start thinking that he/she find you too attractive. Believe in it and let that affirmation, get into your whole system and it will change the way you stand and other body language aspects.

Just give it a try and you can unleash your magnetic personality to the world and capture anything. Next time when you are on call with a prospect or your team member try out these techniques.
Aspirants : you look upon me as a true and responsible leader. You are eager to join our team.

Team members : You believe that no is more resourceful and guiding than me. For you, I am the one who is the biggest supporter you could chance upon.

Just try out ! believe in it and be passionate about it. Always have a smile on your lips when you try this and you will certainly enjoy the instantaneous magic that this technique casts on you.

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