Tips for Creating Affirmations

1) Affirmations should be short. Just like a seed is small and you water them to grow it into a plan, affirmations to begin with should be short. Gradually, you nurture it regularly so that it bears flowers and fruits soon. The best way to nurture is to repeat them whenever you find time during your daily routine.

2) The best time when you should never miss to repeat affirmations is when you wake up and when you just about to sleep after you call it a day.

3) One technique is to record affirmation and then play them while you go to sleep and when you are waking up. Your own voice will be the most beneficial because your brain is accustomed to it and will grasp whatever it says.

4) Make affirmations big. Jot them down with black markers and laminate and place in a location where you can look at them as very often.


Affirmations work because they clear up what you want to achieve.

Repeating them and taking the required action will program your mind and make it more alert. You should not force it because then it gives rise to ill effects like tension and opposition. Whenever you are listening to affirmations make sure you are relaxed, since this will help your brain absorb the message and invigorate it fresh zeal.

REPETITION is a must. It helps in developing fresh neuro links and helps in faster unlearning of your brain. You subconscious mind is not capable of rejecting anything. You can get what you desire if you ingrain it onto you subconscious brain.

AFFIRMATINS TO NULLIFY TENSION – “Every outcome of life is positive “ or “ To help me achieve my purpose in life, I must relax, forgive and trust in the future”

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