Use Affirmations to Lose Weight

It might amaze you but it is not food nor the exercise you do that determines your weigh loss, it is your attitude that determines how much you lose. There are people who lose substantial amount of weight, but regain it. There is another group of people who lose weight and remain thin throughout their life because of the changes that they incorporate into their life. The differentiating factor between the two groups is that one group uses affirmations unknowingly.

Affirmations, perhaps, is the most influential tool one can use when it comes to losing weight.

Technically speaking, an affirmation is a sentence one repeats to himself/herself and has a huge effect on how we feel. It can be used to program the brain to act in a particular fashion. The brain will act positively if the effect is so and negatively if the affirmation makes you feel negative. hence, in order to lose weight, you should the technique to use these affirmations to the maximum possible extent. This technique has a lot of potential, but is not popular and has not been researched much, but it does give promising results.

If you want to lose weight, first thing you should do is get rid of negative emotions and the ‘cannot do’ attitude. These are a major hindrance to your losing weight issue. If you have the thoughts like,’ I am overweight’ or ‘I wont be thing ever’, shun them right now. Instead think ,’ I have lost some weight today’ or ‘I have reduced weight’. This will give you a nice feeling and make you act.

If you want to lose weight through affirmation, you should do the following. Jot down all the positive thoughts that come into your mind. Go through these thoughts again and again and convince your brain about these thoughts to be true. Try looking at them at least 2 times in a day. When you start this practice, you will have a negative thoughts also clogging your mind. Just take a not of them and when you read them try to substitute a positive thought in their place. If you happen to think, ‘ it is useless’ or’ there is no difference’ substitute these kind of thoughts with,’ I see results’ or ‘I have reduced’. Say these affirmations aloud as many times as possible. Try to come up with different ways so as to embed them deeply into your conscious mind.

The crucial factor to lose weight through affirmations is your thoughts and the words you use in your affirmations. Different persons use different terms, but you need the right words only to lose weight. Include simple and direct words so that the affirmation affects your mind in a positive manner. Take care not to use words which might influence your mind adversely. This is because, there are words which sound positive but affect your mind negatively.

Barbara Doberman Levine, gives a beautiful illustration of a positive affirmation having a negative effect in her book titled “Your Body Believes Every Word You Say”. She cites the example of a man who read about hypnosis and starts to use the affirmation,’ I don’t feel hungry’. But he gained weight. The reason was that the affirmation he used made his brain focus on things that made him hungry. Hence, he began to feel more hungry and gained weight. She says, “ When you affirm yourself no to use anything, you are driving your brain to focus on things you are depriving yourself of”.

So henceforth, be cautious when you use affirmations like,’ I will not have chocolate’. These kind of affirmations will attract you to eat them more. A good substitute for this affirmation will be, ‘ I will eat healthy food’. This statement is not clear and hence will not focus on anything specific. Be careful not to use the words ‘no’,’never’ in your affirmations you use to lose weight.

So weight loss through affirmations is thinking right and also framing them appropriately. Designing them correctly and using them in a regular manner will help you lose weight and attain the perfect body. So the best technique is to design a number of affirmations and read them at least twice in a day. And I guarantee you that soon you will lose weight.

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