Use Positive Affirmations Daily

The majority of thoughts that occur to us in a day are negative. Every thought or statement we make is an affirmation. It leave a mark on our subconscious mind. Repeating it regularly will reinforce it and eventually our subconscious will take it as the truth. Consequently, our brain will drive to achieve what it thinks is a fact. Hence it is better to have thoughts which encourage us to achieve our goals.

The affirmations can be positive or negative. Negative affirmations do not help us in any matter. It makes our mind believe in things that are not helpful to our personality in anyway. For instance, negative affirmation will make you believe that you will fail in any task even before you begin at it. Contrary to this, a positive affirmations is always encouraging and build our confidence to take on any task in the world.

If you want to lead a positive and hopeful life, go ahead and use a positive affirmation. But, before that, get rid of all the negative thoughts and beliefs that you have nurtured from childhood. Never underestimate your ability to do a work. Thoughts like ‘I am obese’ or ‘I am incapable or incompetent’ are detrimental not only to our day to day routine but also to our personality. Positive affirmations, of course, will help you take up tasks which you earlier never dared to and additionally over a period of time bring a drastic positive change in your personality.

Next, live in the present. Do not drool over the failures you have encountered in the past. Also, no one knows the future and it is the activity you carry out now which will shape the future. So instead of hoping that,’ I will be happy someday’, say and feel,’I am happy right now’. Always have ‘I’ as part of your affirmation so as to have a personal touch.

Finally, repeat the positive affirmations as much as possible. It should become a part of your personality and discipline. But do not expect to reap results instantly. Using affirmations needs a great amount of patience to enjoy the results. Its all on your will and the way you use the affirmations that determine the time span when they become effective for you.

You can use the positive affirmations to change any aspect of your life. Be it your temperament, monetary condition or anything you can improve it. Affirmations are very good anger management tool. When you wake up use the affirmation “I am feeling great today”. You can control your anger, lose weight or increase your self confidence with the following kinds of affirmations :

“I am growing stronger day by day”.
“I love the work at office”.
“I let go of the past”.
“I have a life filled with love and excitement”

There are number of aspects when you are dealing with affirmations. You can think about it quietly or say it aloud. Uttering it aloud sets your mind in a different mood and opens up a lot of gates. When you say it feel the emotion and passion, this will give you even better results. Another technique to make affirmations more effective is to visualize your goal. But the basic principle remains unchanged – an affirmation has to be positive. This will induce into you an optimistic outlook for life and boost your satisfaction.

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