Body Language of Alpha Males

There are certain people who you must be admiring and would like to model their behavior and qualities. By modeling I don’t mean the one that is prevalent in the fashion industry. But I mean that to dissect and isolate the qualities of an alpha male and inculcate the same in our lives. This will in turn help us become alpha males.

The characteristics mostly found in beta males are: always looking down, cannot articulate properly, always sit cross legged and armed and never make an eye contact with anyone.

Think of some alpha males. They could be Hollywood greats like George Clooney, Brad Pitt or people from other industry like Donald Trumps and Steve Jobs. These people have achieved success in their own way and all woman desire them. When they speak, they simply enthrall their audience and everything they say is taken as truth and nothing else.

So what is the factor that distinguishes the leaders from the usual mediocre kind of guys?

There is no mystery about the secret. The key is to stay calm and take control of every social occasion. This is the first of all traits that you need to perfect so as to become an alpha male. Don’t be under the impression that this ability is only held with those who are born with it. Yes, some of us might have to put in more effort to perfect it, but it is for sure that all of us can learn to be relaxed under all conditions and take control of all social situations.

Some points you should inculcate when trying to become an alpha male:

• Don’t get tensed – many people tend to worry about issues about which they can do nothing. It is simply putting unnecessary stress on yourself. Rather, you should invest time in handling factors which are in your control. Get to know why things are so and try to improve them or prevent them from happening in the future. Find solutions, rather than worrying and harming your mental and physical health.

• Speak slowly – This is a very common tip when you give presentations, but it can be used while you speak to anyone anytime. Speaking hastily will tell that you are confused and indecisive about things. You will make others too uncomfortable around you.

• Breath deep – Breath through your abdomen and not the chest. This is a technique to breath deeply which relaxes you. let your stomach rise and fall as you breath in and out. This is the quickest way to relax yourself.

• Avoid being restless – this is a strict NO. never play with coins in your pocket or gaze around the room or frown. Avoid all such things which makes other think that you are not sociable and approachable person.

• Relax your eyes – this doesn’t mean you should sleep wherever possible. Alpha males focus on things that interest them and are always looking ahead. They don’t keep shifting their gaze around the room as if suspecting something.

• Move your head slowly, when someone calls you – this is a lesser known tip. When someone calls out to you there are mainly two ways in which people respond. The beta males usually turn their heads fast, as if terrified by being called. The alpha male is cool and turn his head and body slowly towards the person. This shows that he is in control and is not in any kind of hurry. Time is in his control and not the other way round.

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