Body Language: How To Catch a Liar

Interpreting a person’s body language to know if he/she is lying is used by professional people too. The police use it to decide if the person is a culprit or not. Teachers use it to find if a student has truly done his/her homework and finally even our parents use it to know if the group study session was really so or not.

In the past, interpreting body language was not effective in most cases. There were tribal groups in the past who used painful techniques to know if a person is guilty of committing a crime like dipping hand in boiling water, or making the person walk of red hot coal and such pain tests. A person whose hands get harmed when dipped in water is considered a criminal. Thankfully no such process is used these days. Today there is a judiciary system existing in almost every country where we can challenge the judgment if we are not guilty of any crime. But this system is not easy and it does require one to have a knowledge on how to interpret body language.

So how to detect whether a person is lying to you or not? There are numerous techniques to do so. One is to when the person is not looking into your eyes. If you think your partner is deceiving you and upon asking him he averts looking you into the eye then you can be sure that he is hiding something from you.

There are some who have perfected lying looking into people’s eyes. However there are other indications like the person touches his face, arms, fidgets with clothes or any object, his body language will change suddenly or will become defensive. A person who is alleged to have lied often becomes tensed and tries to go on defensive.

There is another way to know if the person is lying to you. Upon broaching a topic which is comfortable to both of you, his body language too become relaxed. A person who wants to hide information from you will take all efforts not to discuss the topic with you. so his main motive will be to prolong the discussion on a comfortable topic for as long as possible, so that he does not have to deal with the topic he is afraid or tensed about.

Most people have lied at some point in their life. It is human nature to lie. Lies are not always said with bad intentions, we have to lie sometimes so as not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. If a person doesn’t know anything about something, nothing will hurt him. But if you want to the reality behind an issue you can use the above mentioned tips to know if the information being provided to you is true or not.

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