Body Language: Importance of Your Head Position

All the class members started strolling around the room with their heads lowered.

The observations followed.
One said, “They seem dejected”.
Another,” lack of vision”
Third conculed,” A very unhealthy trait indeed”
Al said, “ looking at them I am reminded of my childhood when I used to walk like these guys. Though my father used to instruct me always to straighten my head I could never do so” . And now Al an adult walks with his head down and chest sucked in. I inquired Al as to what he used to feel when his father used to ask him to straighten up. He answered that no matter how much he tried he could never do so.
I asked if there was a medical condition with his spine.
He said, “not at all. I just didn’t feel safe looking ahead. I was afraid what might come in the future. Looking up straight had so many things that it gave me jitters.”

The head is very important for a character in a drama or theatre. Holding it high and forward show aggressive nature. To show shy and reserved nature, head is held low. These are just two instances of how physiological aspects are associated with psychological ones. To show aggression, the head is thrust forward. The reason is explained as follows. When you thrust you head forward, you have to move your body accordingly or else you are sure to fall. So you pull your shoulders, the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles – which hold your head through the neck also work in accordance. You may even tense you jaw muscles. So much of physical activity will definitely make the person aggressive. On the other hand, when you droop your head down, your spine has to round so as to hold the head from falling. This takes away the aggression. Secondly, the shoulders cant remain hunched because they will start hurting soon. With spine rounded, you don’t have much space and flexibility to change positioin. This does make you feel insecure. Also is physically taxing on a person. This is why drooped heads gives an impression that a person is insecure and tired.

Holding head up can be quite strenuous on the neck muscles and can harm your health. The tension leads to pain in the neck and can cause highly torturous headaches.

TMJ (tempomandibular joint disorder) is known to happen to some because they hold their head high and thrusted forward. This causes tension in the jaw muscles to such an extent that people sometimes even break their teeth. If you prolong your habit of thrusting head forward it can result in dowager’s hump – where in you develop a kind of hum at the top of the shoulder girdle. You can weaken your vision if you prolong with one particular position. Hence change the position of your head at regular intervals. Adopt a position that you feel comfortable with. Notice what position makes you feel comfortable. No part of your body will go unaffected.

Holding your head back, you will keep your eyes wide open and you will get an impression of self importance. Different positions of your head will tell you the gamut of emotions that you feel if you hold your body and head so. You may also discover emotions you never felt earlier. So be alert to the emotions that you may encounter in different positons and take corrective actions early on.

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