Body Language to Instantly Strike Rapport With a Woman

Use Body Language to Instantly Attract Women
I give you a situation which most of men have faced in their life. You are next to a really hot girl. You know that if you could overcome your anxiety in approaching her you will be easily able to get her contact number. Thinking on similar lines, you look up and catch the girl too looking at you.

You lock eyes on each other.

This is the moment for you to seize and build attraction. If you don’t act now you may have lost an opportunity of a lifetime.
Men are liked by women for a number of reasons. They don’t like men who are “wussies”. The initial eye contact is the best way and venue for you to begin a relation with her, lest she will take you as a complete fool.

So lets return to the scene. Your eyes are locked with hers. So what do you do? Do you hold the eye contact? How are you carrying yourself? Do you feel nervous, are you conscious about others watching you?

I hope you portray any of the above described feelings. Women are way ahead when it comes to reading body language. Men aren’t capable enough to interpret body language to such a great extent. Even if she doesn’t do this consciously, there are certain indications which women sense subconsciously. This will cause her to stay away from you.

If she doesn’t find you attractive, you would be simply ignored.

But it is not only how you handle the eye contact that tells them if you are worth their time or not. The eye contact and their interpretation of your body language stimulates a lot of feelings in them. It is based on these emotions and feelings about you that the woman will respond either in your favor or against you.

So what measures can you take so that she feels good. Simple, your eye contact should be good, should be matching her frequency. If you do that she will feel good. If you don’t you are out of synch with the woman and will be totally ignored.

So, when your eyes meet, work so that you can strike a conversation. When you lock eyes, you approach her say, “hey, I noticed that you were looking at me”. This will tell her that you are cool and self confident.

If you say it in the right way, you can instantly strike a rapport with her. The above line is just an instance of what you can say. You can say anything to her as long as she feels that you are self confident and would definitely like talking to you.

But most men get nervous of such situations. They feel these like challenges. But these are hidden opportunities. If you think negative, you will never be able to capitalize them. If you continue doing this over a period of time, you will not even notice such opportunities if they come to you.

One guy was very weak in making eye contact with women. He got to such a level where he thought no woman would think him worth a glance. So I took him one night and observed women watch him.

There were plenty of women who looked at him and he was not even aware of such opportunities. He had handled such situations badly in the past and so was not even bothering trying his luck for one more time. By this he was losing all the opportunities and ruining his chances of interacting with women.

No longer did I tell him that women do look at him than he shrugged off his prejudice and began to capitalize on the opportunities that came along. And this he did overnight. Soon he found a date. The line I used was the one he used to strike instant rapport with the woman.

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