Body Language: The Most Important Thing When You Approach a Woman

This article will help you, if you want to approach a woman.

What most men think about is when they want to approach a woman is what to say to her. But those who think like this are fools. When you meet a woman for the first time, it is not what you say that matters, it is not even worth worrying about so much. How you say it is more significant. There is something more you should focus on at the moment.

And that is body language, non-verbal communication!

Men and women are in no ways created equal. A woman can never be the heavyweight champion of the world. Even women like my Aunt Edna, who had a big built can never become heavyweight champions. But there is one are where women are at an advantage compared to us men- it is in the area of reading and interpreting body language.

If you are still not convinced about the power of body language, try what I say next. Go out to a place where you can observe men approach women. Try to observe such men and their body language from a distance wherein you will not be in a position to guess what they speak. Focus on the body language that the men portray and try to guess quickly if the guy will be successful with the woman or not. You will be surprised at the accuracy with which you can predict the results.

Most men have no hint about any of this. That is why they become weak and have a weaker body language. The body language becomes “needy” and it always become prominent when a man strives hard to get a woman’s approval. He twitches and fidgets with objects and even his movements are not free. This is the body language that would repel any woman away from him no matter what he speaks upon approaching her the first time.

So begin to work on your body language from now on. Seek help from a friend who has had a success streak with women. If you don’t have any such friend buy or rent some Bond movies and try to imitate the body language that he has in the movie. Try to adopt the slow, relaxed body language that the Bond portrays. This body language tells woman that the guy is at ease and comfortable with himself. On approaching woman and talking to them – they establish an immediate rapport as if talking to a long known friend.

Start practicing today
I am sure by now you must have had the fair idea. Practice this body language for a few days and I guarantee you no woman will be able to turn her back on you if you approach her. And when you start becoming successful, you will be grateful to me forever.

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