Body Language: Spotting “Available” Females

It can be a Herculean task for anyone to find out if a woman is attracted to you or not. It is equivalent to solving a mystery. So which is the easiest method to know if she is attracted to you or not?

The body language of a woman can tell us a lot. The best way to interpret her is through her body language. But the body language is only part of the story. You may correctly interpret her body language as interested in you but you won’t come to know if she is engaged already or not.

The reason is:
Women who are already engaged or have boyfriends portray the same body language as those who are yet single. This body language will definitely involve gazing at you, playing with her hair and passing a smile to you – all of which do indicate that they are attracted to you.

The issue here is it is natural for men to respond positively to all these gestures. So on coming to know that a woman who has displayed interest in you, is engaged it can be frustrating for you. You could have invested the same time in attracting some woman who is available rather than on a woman who is not.

Well, it is an extensive issue for discussion as to why woman who are unavailable display such interest. I would rather discuss it in a separate article. But what I want you to know is that committed woman can also have such a body language and you should be aware of this fact, since later on you can land up frustrated.

But I have some tips for you to know if the woman is available or not. Some body language gestures are displayed only by available women. So on meeting women, notice these gestures, if you can. These will be more prominent in available woman than others.

• She would blush when you make an eye contact with her.
• She would make extra efforts to make you notice her.
• Will be a little away from her friends so that you can approach her.
• Will turn her body towards you.
• Will show you inside of her palms and hands.

It is very much essential to differentiate between the various indications of body language. This will save your time and efforts, rather than they getting wasted away. Practice these steps to identify which women are available and then try to attract them to you.

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