Confident Body Language: Best Way to Attract Women

Many people are under the impression that it is money they have, the status they hold, the looks they posses which primarily make woman fall for them. But the fact is, none of these factors influence a woman’s attraction towards you. It is the body language that you portray that will attract or repel woman. But not many men today know what a confident body language is. For sure, you can learn it and practice it and can attract women in your life. Below are some tips that will help you improve your body language so as to help you get the woman you have aspired for long.

1. Be mentally rehearsed
The first step prior to starting with the body language technique to attract women is to be mentally prepared or rehearsed. It is mandatory for you to be confident and satisfied with what you are currently. Do not focus on the faults you have. No one in this world is born perfect. If you have a low self esteem, your body language will clearly show that and you will never be able to attract a woman. Hence have a positive mindset always.

2. Smile
One of the most important ingredients of being confident is to have a smile on your lips. A person who has a smiling face shows that he is happy, satisfied and confident of handling anything. If you look serious, depressed no woman will ever get interested and attracted to you. A smile is a welcome indication for a woman. If you have a smiling countenance, woman will feel comfortable approaching you. Also a smile is an indication for a woman that you are interested in her and would like to know her more.

3. Confident posture
Posture is the first thing that a woman will notice in you. If your posture is drooping or slouching this will tell her that you are negative minded. Also such a posture will make you appear smaller than what you actually are. So sit and stand upright always. This is a clear indication that you are confident, focused and satisfied with what you are currently.

4. Make an eye contact
Not many men make an eye contact when talking to a woman. This is a big flaw which needs to be corrected immediately. Eye contact is a must. If you don’t look into her eyes, it tells her that you are nervous and lack the confidence. On the contrary, if you make a firm eye contact with her, it will tell her that you are confident and at ease. Make sure that when talking to a woman you look into her eye and do not break the eye contact unless she does so. Eye contact also tells her that you are interested in her and are listening to what she is saying. This will make her share with you much more than what you expected.

You cannot build a confident body language over night. But the above tips will help you acquire it over a period of time. Practice these tips on a daily basis and soon you will have a confident body language with the help of which you will be able to attract women towards you.

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