How To Have Hypnotic Body Language

Wouldn’t it be great if you are in demand and considered hot even though you do not say a word? It appears to be effortless to be in demand and be attractive in spite of you not interacting verbally with much people. But believe me it is certainly possible to become so. It will take you some time to become so by employing subconscious techniques. The skills that you require to gain an expertise are not very complex.

Communication has two components to it – the verbal part and the non verbal part. The title of this article itself makes clear that this focuses on the non verbal part ie how to be attractive without saying a word. This non verbal communication is also known as body language.

Alex Matkovsky, Professor of Psychology at the University of Moscow has devised a “5%-39%-56%” rule. He has given weightage to what we speak, our body language and our expressions. 5% of meaning is in what we speak, 39% is how we say the words, 56% of meaning is interpreted through our facial expressions and body language. Though Professor Alex says this rule is universally applicable, it applies only when someone is discussing likes and dislikes. But all said, body language is what plays a major part to influence anyone in communication.

If you know the power of body language, you can exploit it efficiently to communicate your messages to others. If you want to be attractive, you body language can help you become so. If you are lazy, boring your body language will also become the same and others will interpret you as lazy and disinterested in any topic. The power of body language is so immense that you can use it communicate whatever message you wish in a non verbal manner. Whether you want to attract someone, become popular or make a positive impression on others you can use the body language to do so.

“Gooey eyes” is a technique that you can use to quickly build attraction. This is the quickest method to establish a rapport with the opposite sex. The other person will definitely notice the eye contact you make and will know immediately know that you are not a “just another kind” of a person. If you want to give the message that you are an interesting person, excellent eye contact is the most powerful and handy tool to put into use.

All you have to do is to prolong the eye contact for a little longer than you usually do. It should be as if you are scanning the person with your eyes. There are other tools that you could use, but eye contact is what you should start with.

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