How to Use Body language for Finding The Perfect Date

So it is the day when you are going for a date with a person you have known only remotely. He (or she, this article relates to both men and women) has descent looks and is well settled professionally. He is a responsible citizen, loves to be with kids and has a charitable side too or at least these are what you have heard. Looks he is the ideal guy!

The D day
So you decide to visit the Japanese restaurant because he loves California rolls. So 3 hours before the scheduled time you put on your best makeup, prune up your hair and try be as graceful as possible. As you walk into the venue, you see your date greet you with a warm smile, holds your hand and gives a firm and gentle hand shake. So how do you read the body language he portrays so as to judge if you two are good for each other.

Eye contact:
I am sure you must have heard that eyes are the reflection of one truly is. This is very true. People who like each other tend to have a constant eye contact. But it should not be to an extent that it becomes a stare. Have you ever been subjected to the gaze of a woman whom you are not interested in? you are sure to feel uneasy and being looked upon. It particularly feels even more so when you don’t feel attracted to her.

Signs that a woman is interested in you:
She will play and fidget with her hair so that you notice her. If she is wearing a brand new skirt, so she will love you to notice it. Also she will show you the feature that she loves about herself the most. If she loves the way she smiles, she will smile a lot. She will ask what you do when you are free. This is a clear indication that she would love to spend more time with you if you are interested and have time. If she complements your perfume she is interested. Complementing a guy is a rare occasion that happens with girls. So if you are complemented you have done a good job.

Signs that a man is interested in you:
Men have a tendency to physically touch and play with their lady’s arms and hands. If he touches your arms while talking to you, it is a sign of his interest in you. you certainly wont grab the arms of a person you don’t like. Men also lean towards the person when they are mesmerized with them. You know how he sits on the edge of the sit while watching something interesting, don’t you? it will be the same when he is interested in you.

If a guy calls you again and again , he is interested in you. He might message you a lot, since he wants to take matters to another level. So he will find any pretext under which he can call you and talk to you. and this wont take him as long as a week.

Each one of us is unique, so patterns of attraction are bound to differ. Every outgoing guy is not likely to like you. likewise, if a girl plays with her hair, it doesn’t mean that she is interested and wants you to take notice. It could be that she has tried a new conditioner of shampoo and just wants to try it.

Finding love online is a great way and another method to reading body language. Reading reviews of dating service can be a great help to you to find the right kind of person for you. is such service. It even allows the aspirants to give their requirements about whom they would be compatible depending on the body language portrayed by the person. This allows you to quickly establish a rapport with the person you meet by using such resources.

This will save you time, torture of making a wrong choice or clarification you may seek when people say things to you. So before you date the person it would be good to know the personality of the your date thoroughly. This will save any more emotional shocks that you may have to face.

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