Interpreting Your Partner's Body Language

Body language is a marvelous method to know where the relationship is headed. You can know if anyone is feeling uncomfortable, or rethinking, or are they totally into each other and would love to make passionate love once they are at home.

Your partner’s body language gives all hints to you.

The walk:
Lets examine how you both walk when together heading towards a destination.

There are a lot of indications which will tell that you both are into each other. You will walk at the same pace, hold hand in hands. You will look admiringly at each other and all this will happen naturally. NLP ie Neuro Linguistic Programming and mirroring are two concepts in psychology. NLP is when you mirror your partner’s body language so as to get in synch with him/her. This will occur naturally if you are naturally into each other. Studies indicate that couples who are in love even have heart rates in perfect synchronization.

There are also indications which will tell you that not all is good in the relationship. If anyone walks ahead, it means that person wants to lead or be away from the partner. Walking behind, on the other hand, indicates that one of them is scared and wants to be at a safe distance from the other person.

If your partner crosses the street without giving any verbal or non verbal indication it also means that he or she is not totally into you.

The way you both sit also tells a lot about you both. If you observe newly wed couples, they will always site next to each other and not across. They always like to stay close to each other. Even when kids are around the parents will always sit close to each other. When I am with a partner who is into me, he/she will face me when sitting beside me in the car.

Couples in love will always try to connect to each other. They will always be in touch either physically or through non verbal signs. When they time, they will come together. They will hold hands, make eye contact and engage in a conversation. Their bodies would be leaning towards each other and they would touch very frequently. While at an eating joint they will always eat in proportion. This is another indication that will tell you that they are totally into each other.

There are negative indications too. During breaks neither will put effort to connect to each other. They will indulge in activities like looking out of window, fidgeting with purse or will take interest in others but their partner. Also while one is eating a sumptuous meal the other will hardly eat. These are indications that not al is well in the relationship. Their bodies too will be inclined away from each other and there will hardly be any physical contact.

The Love Making:
When a couple are madly in love, all things happen naturally. They connect not only at the physical level but also at the mental level. Neither of them flinches from making eye contact will making love.

Other things like touching, holding, kissing happen naturally during the love making process. If you clasp hands, make eye contact it indicates your deep love for your partner. Also the pleasure should be both sided. Both should be willing to give and receive pleasure.
Whereas if one of is close eyed, stiff it indicates that you are not in synch and are too anxious rather than being relaxed.

Non verbal indications matter a lot in a relatioinship. A psychologist names Albert Mehrabian has conducted a research and has found that it not what you say that counts but how you say it that truly makes the difference. What you say only carries around 7 % of weightage while you communicate.

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