10 Types of Guys Women Don’t Find Sexual

It is believed that being attractive though subtle is not very deep and can be easily found within a few minutes of interacting with a person. But few people realize the fact that being “not” attractive also is equally subtle.

I have been an author of may articles which illustrate what women find attractive and how to become so. But it is also vital to learn what drives woman away and evaluate if you happen to possess characteristics which drive woman away.

1. The “Inexperienced”
You may have interacted very less with the opposite sex or you have never shown an interest towards them. So you have this rustic and outdated opinion of what women expect from a man. You have an image of the kind of woman you want and you look for her always in vain or you may be thrusting yourself onto women who are not at all interested in to you in the hope that they might find you attractive – which never happens. But the basic rule is that women prefer men who have a practical view and people who have earlier dealt with women. Woman have this ability to detect if you have this experience or not.

2. The Over Curious Guy
You may be among those who constantly want to unlock the secrets of woman, trying to interpret what woman want, what they like/ dislike etc. Such inquisitiveness is good but should have limits. It should not go to the level that you prefer understanding them rather than accepting them as they are and enjoying their company. If you meet up a woman and prod her questions like “Why do woman prefer bad guys?” or “What does a woman truly wish for?” you truly will drive her away. You make her appear like a dating coach to you which many would not prefer.

3. The Hollow Guy
You are focusing on a woman being perfect only physically. You want your woman to have the perfect figure and reject anyone who doesn’t fit your picture. Even if you find a woman who fits you think her as being too small. This is a very shallow kind of personality you exhibit. Try to relate with your woman at the emotional level too, otherwise you will end up alone in your life.

4. Sexually Unattractive
Sexual energy is an important factor too. In terms of light, if your sexual energy is only 20 watt, no one will find your attractive. You have everything – nice looks, a promising career, a car but with no sexual energy nothing can help you. You will go unnoticed by any woman and people worse than you will end up with them. Hence it is necessary a level of sexual waves in you.

5. "Real Professional"
You portray yourself as being too professional. Whenever you meet a woman you always behave a professional and business like way. You can never project yourself as a sexy teacher, sexy business guy or anything with a tinge of X factor. Obviously, if you are too brief and curt with every woman you meet, you relation too will remain business like and never will grow to a personal level.

6. The Immature
You are too focused on going to bed with woman and see them as a means to satisfy your sexual needs. Your aim in building relationship with woman is only one : what in exchange of sex will I gain. In the event that you sexual aspires do not materialize you behave absolutely immature. You become childishly immature. You sulk, show anger, turn violent, cling – which is certainly going to drive women away.

7. The Show – Off Kind of Guy
You have the right attitude and know how to deal with a woman. You talk to her and are able to convince her about a lot of your concepts. But you highlight yourself so much in this whole process that you make her think that you are just a show off kind of a guy who is going to back out when things become real. You just become a snob to her.

8. The "I Hate Women" Guy
You are the one who has to try a lot for woman to notice you and this has left you frustrated and angry. On top of it, when woman reject you , this seems unacceptable to you, since you feel woman do not have a right to do so. This whole accumulation of negative emotion shows up in each facet of your personality – your thinking, your body language etc. And same is the attitude that woman show.

9. The Inferiority Complex Guy
You like women and are attracted to her. At the same time, you are so lacking in confidence that you think that every woman you meet will be unfriendly to you. This kind of attitude makes you interact very less with the. You just look at them, admire them from a distance and keep on drooling in you dreams. Such kind of lack in self confidence is sure to turn any woman off.

10. The Overly Jolly
Some people are so nervous with woman that they resort to becoming a joker with them. Yes, you might be jolly and happy go person to some, but for the woman you are going around with this is not what she will enjoy. You can be jolly and joking but have a dignity along with it. Don’t stoop too low. Woman do not take a guy who constantly joke seriously. This too much sense of humor might induce in her a fear about introducing you to her family and near ones. A woman wants her man to respect her family so that he too can earn their respect in return.

You have come onto this earth in a particular physical form. Many woman might not find you attractive because of your height, social stature, career etc and you have no choices to rectify those. But there are practically unlimited things that you can change to attract woman towards you. All you have to do is to discover such traits and work on them for sometime.

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