7 Steps to Seduce a Woman

From editor:
The 7-steps guide below is a guide written by a lady, and it tells you how to seduce a woman so much that she will crave to be with you. Yes, this is an article written by a lady who lets out the secret from the woman’s world. She tells you how to seduce a woman and be ahead of other men. Its only a woman who can know what a woman desires.

All men want to seduce women and have sex with them. The ideal would be to get over with the seduction as fast as possible. It’s the testosterone that makes you do this. Men act as per their sexual desire. But the problem is to seduce a woman as fast as possible.

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Some points you should keep in mind are:

1. Think like a woman: Just put yourself in the woman’s shoe and think. She wants thinks to go slowly. We are more sensitive than men. So don’t be dumb and ask her to sleep on the very first date. This is where most men ruin their chances. Hence be smart and slow down, this will increase your chances a lot. You only have to be patient.

2. Plan: Women love it when men know how to plan things. Plan the seduction game. Invite her to a dinner with a romantic email. Mind you, this has to be romantic and not lewd. Leave her with a mysterious puzzle to solve. She has to know how much efforts you have taken to seduce her. Women are greatly aroused by men who plan the seduction.

3. Confidence, charisma, "alpha male behaviour": As a woman I can say for sure: we love confident and charismatic men. Just be a charismatic "alpha male" and you will irresistable. You can easily develop these qualities with the help of sublimianl messages- I know a lot of people who have boosted their charisma with the help of subliminal messages. You can try Subliminal Flash- just download the free version of this program and use it for 5-10 days- you will be amazed with quick and significant changes in your behavioural habits. Trust me: women will beg for your phone number after that.

4. Gifts: Gifts are a marvelous way to seduce her. They may not express it but they just love receiving gifts. A book, chocolate or anything she loves is a good idea. Buy her some books about love. Show her how much she means to you. This is the best way to seduce her.

5. Talk: Make her feel happy. When with you, let her forger all the pressure on her. Humor is one quality which impresses women a lot. But be in limits. Don’t be boastful and the talking should happen both sides. Open up. Accept others as they are. Focus on what she says and does. Also learn from her.

6. If she is comfortable with you touching her, don’t go for the pants directly. Be passionate. Most women like to get touched on neck, shoulders. Be slow. Be romantic. Show them that you are different from other males. You are not like those who take off her clothes. Play the game slow.

7. If you want to know how to seduce let her take the lead. If you don’t know, ask her what she likes. If you give her the utmost pleasure first, you will win her heart. She will crave for more from you. And then she will try to reciprocate. And I am sure you know what happens next.

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