8 Tips to Attract Women

Attracting a women is not a very complicated science. It involves some very basic things which you need to address. If you take care of these issues, you can attract any girl. Even those females whom you thought were unreachable can also be conquered if you follow these.

8 factors to attract women are:

There is a difference between being confident and arrogant. Yes, being arrogant will be helpful in certain circumstances, but it will be better to shun it particularly when you are trying to get your girl. If not you will end up with the wrong kind of girl. Women want to see a man confident. No one will like to be with a person who thinks low about himself. Confidence will help you view things in proper perspective and never lose faith in yourself.

Be charismatic
As well as the confidence charisma is a very important factor. You can develop charisma and become more confident with women with the help of subliminal messages. It is a proven fact, that after 5-7 subliminal sessions ANY guy becomes much more attractive for women, even those who had believed that they are ugly or shy. This effect exists because subliminals reprogram your subconscious mind and change your behavioural patterns. You can download free version of powerful subliminal program in our subliminal messages section.

Be caring just like a partner
Many times guys remain in the friend zone. Once you get stuck it is difficult to get out of that zone. I have experienced this myself and it certainly doesn’t feel nice when you see the girl you are vying for dating someone else. You can continue talking to her, helping her, praise her, but nothing beyond that.

Be well groomed
This need not be told to anyone. It is true that women give far more importance to what a guys thinks but they also do want they guy to be good looking and well dressed. Moreover, if you take care of yourself it wont do you any harm. Put yourself in her shoes. Will you like to be with someone who doesn’t look descent and well groomed? Just adopt some basic hygience measures. Brush regularly, bathe, comb etc. I hope that you get what I want to convey.

Listen and respond to her
The conversation between you and her should not be one way. Discuss issues that are current and ask her opinion. Moreover, women like a person who wants to know them. So ask her about her interests and listen to them and not just hear. While she is telling about herself, respond to her. By this she will know that you are attentive to her and she will develop an interest in you.

Be humorous
Women love men who have a generous sense of humour. Learn to laugh at yourself. If you observe your friends who are not so good looking, chances are that they have an amazing sense of humor and a magnetic personality.

Be in control
I have experienced this a lot. Some men get into fights pretty regularly. Some women like this. But these are not the kind we want to get associated with. Show some restraint and self control and don’t vent your anger for small reasons. Be tolerant and forgiving.

Be a social guy
Women like men who can relate to their friends. If the woman’s friend approve of you, it will be the biggest and most significant approval she gets. If you don’t relate and get along her friends, you will not be noticed and will be dumped for some better guy for sure.

Above I have given a brief idea about what factors are dominant when you want to attract a woman. But one last piece of advise that I give you is not to pretend. Because soon she will find who you really are. Hence be yourself and soon you will find the girl who best suits you.

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