Approaching Women: The Importance of Eye Contact

Many people ask me the right way to approach girls. Let me describe the dilemma that many of us face. You have this liking and attraction to girls belonging to a certain age, but when you approach her you have no clue how to proceed. You need to focus on certain aspects when you approach women, but the most crucial of them all is your eye contact.

You spot a girl and instantly are attracted to her. The first thing that is usually recommended is that you go and talk to her. Now this need not be a discussion about any political or national issue. A simple greeting saying “Hi How are you doing? “ is a perfect opener. Women like to talk. The second aspect that women notice is the eye contact. Don’t look at her for a moment and then gaze at the floor or shoes or shy away. This is certainly not the eye contact which will give the right impression about you to your girl.

Women simply are crazy about eyes. They are mirrors to what kind of person you really are from inside. It will clearly tell a women, in what way you like her. It is very unfortunate that not all men maintain a proper eye contact these days. Eye contact will make or break the impression on you. Eye contact is very crucial. So once you make an eye contact continue it in an appropriate style. (this doesn’t mean you keep looking into her eyes without blinking. This will start a competition which will definitely repel her from you.)

Look straight into her eyes. Observe the color of her eyes. Know her eye in and out. If her pupils dilate, she likes you. I say this because the pupils dilate because she lets in more light so that she can see more of you. If you make and maintain a proper eye contact you can actually see through her. No pun intended, but looking at her eyes you not only tell her about the level of desire you have for her, but you also know if she is throwing you hints about how she thinks about you.

Now that you know the art of making eye contact, refer my other articles to know how to go further once you approach her. This will help you when you date her for the very first time.

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