Become The Bad Boy That Every Woman Wants

It is a known fact that women love guys who portray a bad boy persona or those who are self made and are in control.

Yes, women never admit the above fact. They would go ga-ga over the “nice” guy they desire, but deep inside them, the person they desire is the one who is tough and self made just like the Hollywood movies depict their heroes.

Rock and roll stars are a love example of such an attraction. Most women know these guys are loved by all women, yet they want to be as close to hem as possible. Every city these guys visit, hoards of women turn up just to get a glimpse of them.

So what do these rock and roll stars have that make them attractive to women?

It’s the bad boy attitude that these people carry. They have this personality which exactly matches to what women want and drives them nuts for them.

Don’t worry there is a way for you too to acquire the bad boy personality without becoming a rock star. Below are simple techniques to transform yourself into the bad guy easily.

1) Be confident and calm
Bad boy is all about personality. If you observe guys who have women craving for them, you will find that they are immensely confident. You too have to build up that kind and level of confidence if you want women in your life too.

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No matter how bad the situation is, be relaxed and calm. Never resort to panic. No situation can ever throw you out of control.

You have to be confident. If you cannot be like them at least fake it. Fake it if you cant make it. It is the best of interest for you to do so.

2) Don’t take any of tests she lays for you
Women always love to test guys. They do this to gauge how much they can exploit and control you.

So be alert to their tantrums and never fall for them. If she throws any tantrums just ignore them or call your own shots. This will tell her clearly that you are not the one who can be maneuvered easily.
NEVER fall for her tests or lick her boots. Be in control and make her feel it so. If you want to be good to her, do it in your own way and not how she wants you to do it.

3) Don’t focus too much on the act
To differentiate yourself from the crowd, don’t be focused too much in making out with her when you begin talking to her.

This will be noticed by her because most men want to seduce women. They take women out for dinner and dates just to sleep with them. If you want to create an attraction don’t follow the crowd. Enjoy the company with women and do not try to make the moves that other men do.

This don’t care attitude will make her crave even more for you.
People crave for what they don’t have – this is a basic rule in psychology. So if you have a bad boy attitude, she will go to any extent to grab your attention. You can turn the tables entirely if you built up this kind of attitude.

4) Your life is exciting
If you have read romantic novels, one common thing that you will find is that women fall for men who live a risky and adventurous life.

This doesn’t mean you change your career into something adventurous. Instead, have stories which will interest her and be passionate about them when you narrate them to her. Tell her about your hobbies which she might have never heard of before.

Do exciting things if they do not form a part of your life. Cultivate a hobby that might interest women. Once you have these two elements into your life, you will become adventurous in your personality too. Practice these 4 tips discussed above and you will surely thank me for the kind of women that you will end up attracting into your life.

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