Build Charisma to Attract and Seduce More Women

Each one of us feels that one element that can help to be great in dealing with women is charisma. This charisma is what everyone, man as well as woman desires to have.

Many factors are involved when you wish to develop charisma. It is advisable to thoroughly understand these elements. Some feel that charisma is not a thing which can be taught and they are not wrong. Some are naturally charismatic but don’t know how to use it. So it is better to seek guidance from books or articles written by those who have acquired charisma over a period of time.

One can definitely impart lesson as to how to impart charisma, but it solely upto you to impart it as part of your overall personality and use it. Many people don’t reallyl understand the difference between personality and charisma, but these are distinct from each other.

In this article I will tell you about the crucial aspects on how to be charismatic. Later on it is your innovation on how to use them. Knowledge of the basic framework is a must, but you have to add your own tinge to it, like adding spice to your dish if you really want to enjoy the results.

The first aspect I will tell you about is presence. This is the most important thing to be charismatic. If you desire to attract anyone, presence is a must. You must be noticed by people. If instead nobody notices you, you will simply be ignored, not only by women but by everyone.

It is not hard to make yourself noticed. When you enter a room full of people, stop at the entrance and make eye contact with everyone possible in the room. This will surely make people notice you and being noticed is the first step you take to become charismatic.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the presence I just talked about. It is easy for even shy people to acquire the presence. Presence comes when you know how to carry yourself rather than how you speak to anyone. Yes, it does take some tips you would need to implement practically for acquiring the presence, but it a easier than learning how to make a conversation with a new person.

“Motion dictates emotion” is one thing I whole heartedly agree with. This means that the way you carry yourself tells a lot about you to people around you. If you always walk with your eyes at the ground and your body bent, people will be under the impression that you are sad and dejected. So if you happen to walk in the manner described above, it is now the time to correct it.

Stand to your entire height and keep your head up. People with this kind of style and posture are often perceived as serious and what they speak too is heard by all . It tells that you are confident of yourself and are ready to face any challenge posed to you. Women especially like men who have this kind of style.

Always adorn a smile on your face. Have a genuine smile on your face whenever possible. Smiling face tells people about your high self confidence. People think that you are a happy person and not selfish. Moreover, others who want to approach you will find it easier if you have a pleasant and smiling face always. Seriousness or such expression over your face will not help people approach you easily.

Although be careful not to smile too much. Too much of smiling will tell people that you are just acting and do not mean it in anyway. Many a time people might even coin terms on you if you smile too much. I advise you not to overdo smiling.

Be good mannered always. Never step over other shoes just to create your dominance. Care about others feelings just as you do so about yourself. Bad manners on the other hand can ruin the good impression that you might have created earlier.

Think before you say anything. Most people say things before thinking for which they repent later on. Also if you think before you utter, it will help you speak less. You may be confident, dignified and all such, but a little of blabbering and useless talk is just about enough for people to think of you to be foolish and careless.

You can develop your skills at striking a conversation if you think and then speak. Special care should be taken to speak sense and be interesting when you approach a woman. No woman will desire to be in the company of a guy who is boring. Same is the case with you. You too don’t want a boring woman, so you too should be equally interesting to the woman.

Ask woman about herself. This is what most woman like. It is every woman’s pleasure to speak about themselves, about how their childhood was, their college life, their career and what they look forward in a partner. When you make them speak about themselves they feel happier and it is the best way to make them feel comfortable in your company and presence.

Good seducers use conditioning technique to help woman think about them whenever something good happens. If the woman wants to have a good time, she will remember you if you have given her a good time early on. So when you meet woman give her all the pleasure and make her feel that it was worth spending time with you. This will make her feel spend more time with you.

One very simple technique but very often ignored by many is about questions. We all tend to ask closed ended question like “Do you come here regularly?” or “ Don’t you think this is not the right place for you?”. But this is a wrong practice. Ask open ended questions. She should have to think to answer your query, instead of a monosyllabic yes or no an answer to your question.

A good conversationalist is not only good at speaking but also should be a good listener. If you keep on talking and don’t give others room to express their feelings you can never keep them interested in you. I emphasize on this aspect repeatedly that no matter what you want to learn – seduction, medicine, health etc you have to be a good listener. Try to learn as much about the woman you are with. This will make her feel that you truly care for her and will keep her interested in you.

Never lose your head. Be patient and composed no matter what happens. Don’t give her an impression that you are panicky and cannot take decisions on your own. If you have this kind of attitude you will make others around you to panic and over-react. Think about what a woman desires in her partner. Wouldn’t she like that her guy should be cool, calm and patient? Obviously she wont prefer those who are confused and easily stressed out.

Learn to be patient. Be confident that in the end all pieces will fall into place and everything will return back to normalcy. Don’t show your nerviousness to others, lest they might think that you are weak and highly indecisive. If you don’t show your patience in day to day activities, the woman will definitely think if you are patient enough to nurture a relation. Patience is an important ingredient of a relation, and women know this better than men.

Be different. Don’t be the one who follows the crowd. Being different will make her notice you and take interest in you. It is better to have something that is not predictable about you. Mystery men always attract woman and they take efforts to uncover the mystery in you. Hence, to pique her curiosity try something which no one has ever done earlier.

I cannot overstate this point. Speak less and give others more chance to express themselves in your presence. Let them be interested in meeting you again and again so that they can know more about you. The mystery part in you will always keep people guessing about what you have planned next. This will make people keep a keen watch on your moves and thus the attraction in you will be sustained.

When talking to woman, try to be the person they want to be with. The more you allow the woman to talk to you the more you will know about her and the more comfortable she will be in your company. Arguing is a thing you should avoid with women. You can disagree with them, but this can be done in a lot better ways than arguing with them.

Give complements to people which you truly feel they deserve. Don’t make them feel that you are being a sycophant. If you genuinely compliment them they will feel happy. IF you feel a woman’s eyes are beautiful, tell her that. She knows it but compliments always make her feel good and they are never enough for her. But don’t just blurt out anything you feel. Compliments which are false not only hurt them but also will ruin the good opinion they might have about you.

Never comment on others appearance or bitch about others. You have to be understanding. By that I don’t mean that you have to be good only appearance wise. What I mean is you should appreciate others too. Agreeing to everything too is not always good. Disagreements can pop up but you have to put it across in a very tactful manner. Express your opinion in a non aggressive manner and then they will listen to you and might even alter their opinions. This will help develop respect for you and your knowledge.

If you lack charisma, you will find it very hard to attract anyone. But being charismatic will help you a lot in future, at a stage when you start the seduction game. Seduction is a stage which sets in after you have attracted her into your life. Charisma will help you attract them, so it is worth to invest time in developing it.

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