Create Attraction in The First 3 Minutes of Meeting a Woman

It is true that you can create a high level of attraction within the first few minutes after meeting her. It should not take more than 3 minutes if you have the right strategy. First know which category you fall into – the good boy or the bad boy. The category you belong to will be the deciding factor as to what your chances of success are when in the company of women. It will tell if you have been lucky or unlucky when dealing with the intricacies of the fairer sex.

The basic difference between the bad boy and the good boy is their outlook and view on life. This will also tell how they will interact with and behave with women when they first meet them. It has been observed that the so called bad boys have been more successful with women. You may be among many people who wonder why do bad boys end up with better women.

Here’s how you can do it too…

Have you come across the term “Alpha Male”? This is another term for the bad boy. The alpha male show a confident personality and attitude in which he clearly indicates to women that he doesn’t care much about she liking him or not. If she likes its fine with him and if she doesn’t , that too is not at all an issue with him. Basically he shows a “don’t care” attitude. But internally he migh have the same anxieties as any other male, but he is smart enough not to show it to the woman he is interacting with.

The nice guy on the other hand is all the more eager to impress the woman and displays it openly. He agrees with whatever a woman says and this make it all the more obvious. Women like their men to be mysterious and unpredictable so that she has to put efforts in making him hers, but the nice guy in his anxiety to be good to her poses no challenge to the women. She knows precisely how the good man will react and she will lose interest quickly. The good guy has a passive personality and is dull and not mysterious for his woman.

So for you to attract women, you must become the Alpha Male. For those who are shy in nature, this might be hard to come by and is a challenge that will put you to test.

Don’t worry, some simple seduction techniques can be used to rescue you. This is a technique which will make you unpredictable to her. This is a technique in which you intentionally contradict what she says. This works because not agreeing with her shows that you can think for yourself and are confident enough to express yourself and logical enough to think for yourself too.

Yes, disagreement always causes some friction. But don’t worry with time it will vanish. This may also be something positive since it challenges her. So simply disagree to some points while talking to her and this might be just enough to keep her interested in you. This will also make her realize that you are not the usual nice guy but do have a personality that she was not aware of.

But be balanced in this approach. Don’t counter each and every argument that she presents. You want to use this method to be able to sustain her interest in you and not drive her away. Always try to broach topics which you are strong in. Be careful when you express your difference of opinion.

This doesn’t mean you are always opposing her. Be playful, humorous and have a good time with her. A generous and right mix of these will make you attractive to her within a few minutes while you interact with her.

Trying this will cost you nothing. Go, try it right now and don’t be the nice guy any more.

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