The Dating Game

This is usually never discussed. Your friend might tell you that you need not be so nice or that your dressing sense needs improvement, but we rarely get authentic information about how to get women. This is not abnormal. Men are have huge egos. They believe themselves to be great with whatever kind of achievements they have had till now.
With women, the case is very different. They too value themselves, but this is based upon the relationships they have. You may be aware of this, but it is vital to understand to have a deep understanding about this fact.

Women discuss a lot of issues amongst themselves. They discuss issues like the hair cut they had, shampoo they use, the conditioner, the nailpaint they use. Every small aspect is discussed. For men, these will seem too trivial issues. I always thought that women were hollow and obsessed with details because of the kind of topics they discuss.
But try looking on this aspect from a woman’s point of view. For them all these topics are vital. Because a woman is judged by her looks and what kind of man she is with. It is a fact that a single women in her 20s or early 30s is the odd one out among her married or committed pals. Even though the others seem envious of her, the reality is that many pity her. This the reason why majority of women’s magazines address issues about how to be beautiful, how to find a man and how to keep him. Please do not interpret this as my viewing women so. But we have to accept the fact that we are just inhabitants of the world and not the creators, and so have no choice but to accept it as it is.

The Real World Dating

Most of us have a rough idea about how the dating mechanism works. The primary source for this are the TV shows and movies we watch. But these are not the reality. There is not the shy man and the beautiful girl in the real world. In reality, the shy guy is alone while the challenging guy finds the woman. Most women are not aware about what attracts them or do not want to reveal it, so if you seek a woman’s advise it wont be helpful to you. There are no magic spell that you can use. Pick up lines or other shortcuts will not help you unless you gain an understanding about the mechanism behind dating. You have no option but to learn it or just hope luck to turn on your side some day.

Men will never admit about their failure with women. If a man approaches a woman and she refuses him, he will never tell his friends the truth. He will tell that she was not worth it or tailor some story to save his face. He does his to live up to his name. but the prudent step would be to analyze why the woman rejected him. Don’t mix up ego and reality. She didn’t mean to hurt your ego. What she rejected was your approach. She hardly knows you or your ego to reject you. The 30 seconds approach that you make, should be so impressive that she can never reject you. So first thing you work on is how you approach a woman.

I will give you some very basic aspects which are common throughout and you can work upon these to improve your success rate. But this is no way an exclusive list.

When you see a woman, approach her within 3 seconds. Let not the thoughts prop up and stop you. As time passes you will become more nervous and she will notice it. Hence just go for it within 3 seconds of seeing her.

Start with a situation in which you need help. Ask her about an issue your friend is facing. It could be that your friend wants to date his ex girlfriend once more. Keep changing topics. But when you ask opinions from her do it sincerely, don’t make it appear as if you are doing it just to strike a conversation with her.

If she is with her friends, strike a rapport with her friends. Let not she become the focus. Let her vie for you attention.

Body language is very vital. Most men I have observed in the workshops do one or more of the following: lean when talking to women, it is advisable to stand straight. Or they talk too soft and never smile.

Attract her towards you. You don’t have to tell or prove her that you are nice. Show her that you are worthy. Tell her your experiences which show your character. Be humorous and make her laugh. Tease her but don’t overdo it. These are all ice breakers and once you develop the warmth you can then start knowing more about each other.

It takes about 7 hours approx from moving on to meeting her the first time to having sex. Don’t strictly adhere to this, but remember that hurrying too fast might drive her away and waiting forever will make her treat you just as a “Friend” and no more.

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