Dating Tips: Get Her Phone Number for Sure

Irrespective of how strong or bold a man is, it will always be stressful for him to approach a woman. This is the toughest of all parts for all men, since rejection will deeply hurt their egos.

For a man, meeting a woman becomes a tough issue. This I believe is necessary and this is not without experience that I say this. But you should not just sit and hope God or any other miracle to devise things for you. You have to take initiative and try at least.

But that’s not the only thing. Approaching a woman is just a leaf of the book. A man has to initiate and also has to close the matter. In other words, he is the one who should ask her phone number. That involves, reaching a level of comfort with her (which obviously she should feel too) so that she can share her number with you.

It happens many times that you miss to spot the shark and swim into the open sea. There will be women who will reject you right away. This is a fact you have to live with.

In spite of this, there are hoardes of men who are ready to undergo this kind of embarrassment – the only thing that inspires them is an opportunity to meet their woman.

But all men aren’t equally skillful. So when it comes to closing the matter, all they do is say “It was nice meeting you”.

Isn’t if foolish for you to undertake all this pains, only to just meet and not be in contact with you? In other words, wouldn’t you want to gain a customer with whom you can attract business for a long time?

Take her number for sure
Cultivate this habit. Everytime you meet a woman take her phone number. Doing this has two advantages for yourself. You will never hesitate in asking any woman for her number and over a period of time you will many female contacts to fall back to in case you are deserted.

So this ends the coaxing part and now is the time to guide you on how to ask for her phone number.

The strategy
It is the Player’s way that will help you be more successful in getting a phone number from a woman. This can be used anywhere at restaurants, clubs, cafes etc. This also has a fall back plan as to how to gracefully exit if a woman refuses her number. But before I tell you about how to seek a number there are some factors which one must understand since they have a profound affect while seeking number from a woman.

Understand women
Most women do not give out their phone numbers for one reason – safety. Woman don’t want a guy to harass her by constantly calling her in spite of she having no interest in building a contact with him. So before you even go to the level of asking her number you have to qualify yourself.

If she spots some eagerness on the part of the man, she will surely suspect him. Eagerness or over anxiety in getting the number gives her jitters that the man might stalk her all the while. So be confident. Being desperate is the same as masturbating when you don’t get a woman.

Complimenting or praising her too much. Too much of anything is not good and so are compliments. She might suspect you of inferior motives. She will never let her guard down when you are around her. So be moderate and sound genuine when you compliment her.

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