Dating Tips: Understanding Women's Games

The dating game is a very ancient game and it is very much prevalent in the world. The players are all the men and women of this earth. Men are the ones who plot to get their woman and to seem more attractive to them, while women are the ones defending themselves, or, in other words, enjoying the liberty of choosing their partners.

Dating is a very fun filled game. If you succeeded in dating every woman you have met till date, then you must surely be proud of the fact. But the fun aspect would be very less to you. Dating involves tensed nights wherein you try to understand if she is interested on you and how you can make dating experience all the more fun for her. It is this mix of excitement and anxiety that makes the whole dating game thrilling and challenging for all players.

So the mystery for you is to find out why this woman you are interested in never entertains dating with you. She knows the cause, but they are a secret for you.

Picking Up
Scene 1
She at the regular bar where she usually hangs out with her friends. She is all dressed up in a mini skirt and is looking at you. You approach her with your usual tactic and body language which till date has never failed you , yet she refuses to show any interest in you. Why is it so?

Yes she is all displaying the body language to show her interest. But she does it because she wants to garner attention. She wants every man to notice her and wouldn’t do if even a single man doesn’t look at her. But it is not staring that she wants, it makes her feel like a use and throw object. So unless you make her feel that she is the only cause you live for , she will ignore you.

Calling her
Scene 2
You are somehow successful in getting her number. You are delighted but that is not one battle won. You call her the next day but unfortunately cant find her home and instead leave a message at her answering machine leaving you name and number. And sit back waiting for her to call you back.

Two days go and she never calls. So you again dial those numbers and this time she answers. The next thing she is saying that she couldn’t call you because she had been extremely tied up with her routine or job or some other work.

Wondering why she doesn’t ring you back? She is trying to play hard. She doesn’t want to show her interest so soon or give you an indication that she is available, hence she doesn’t call you back. She expects you to pursue her and will try her best to sound calm and cool, even though the anxiety on her side is also at the same level as yours. She is playing her cards right and is in no hurry to end the game.

The more barriers she erects, the more the man feels challenged. If she returned your calls the very first day, went out whenever time permits her or sleeps you after the first date you will definitely lose the interest and may be move o. You would feel that she is always accessible since you have every mode of contacting her. So she plays the mystery game, never telling you if she would be spending time with you on this weekend. You have all the means to contact her, but yet cant get control on her.

Date invite
Scene 3
You call her on Wednesday and have this great idea to impress her by taking to an exotic restaurant on the Friday. But she tells you that she is plans already made for the entire weekend. She has to the vet for her cat, has an aunt visiting her. Even lunch is not possible for her since she is planning to go to her mother’s place.

You are dejected,( although you want to receiver her aunt or help her drive to the vet you don’t). You give your contact, making her write all details about it and ask to call if she finds time somehow. She has your contact point yet she doesn’t call.

Its time to move on. If a woman is in a position to call you and knows that you are interested in her very much, but still doesn’t respond then perhaps it is time to move on. If the woman doesn’t even have the time or courtesy to apologize or to propose a date in the future weeks to come, then she is not even worth you may be. If a woman is not at all relenting or trying to leave some possibility, she is not interested in you. don’t worry you have scores of options, hence move on.

The date
Scene 4
You have somehow managed to coax her for a date and have brought her to the exotic restaurant you had long wished to bring her. But this is still not success dear. You have a long way to go. You enjoy the food, talk and are enjoying the chemistry. After the date, you hold her hand and lean to kiss her but she withdraws from you and goes towards the car. You are baffled at her sudden lack of interest.

Her past experience could be a reason for her not kissing you. She may have had previous relationship that failed and doesn’t want to hurry things. Or her friends might have had some real bad guys treating her like object. Or she has male friends who feel as if they have achieved a feat when they leave a woman after sleeping with them. This all accumulates in her mind and causes her not to trust any guy so easily. She doesn’t want to hurry things and later repent for hurrying too much too soon. This is her way of shielding herself from the emotional turmoil of a breakup.

Men don’t know the immense power of the sixth sense that woman possess. Even if the woman has had the best romance with you, the sixth sense guides her and there is no way a man can influence the sixth sense.

So if you are not able to march on easily, she is just not sure about you just as yet and is testing you with her own methods. Stick to your play and be patient. Sooner or later she will be yours. You just have to clear her tests.

Scene 5
You and your woman are enjoying perfect love and relationship. But she does have some boundaries and walls erected which she is not at yet ready to break. You tell her about your plan to spend weekend somewhere really romantic , but she has some reservations for the plan.

Men generally don’t commit soon to a woman. They do so only when they are sure about their woman being perfect for them. Men don’t put up imaginary questions like a possibility of meeting someone equally interesting as her or doubt her being perfect for him. Women, are exactly the opposite. They ponder over too many issues to come to a decision if you are the guy who will keep her happy all along. This decision takes her a long time sometimes.

The strategy:
Playing is a routine in the dating game. But it is fun filled. Usually the women are the who hold their cards till the last moment. But that should never be the case. You should also pose an equal challenge for her . She is busy with her profession and other commitments, so you too have the freedom to do so. She is an important part of your life, but not the only part. There are other shades to your life as well. Never portray that she only is the crux of your life, cause nothing else will make her go away from you as this factor.

Men and women both have their own cards and strategies and both of them intend to win the award. The strategy is simple. Interpret her moves correctly and you can accordingly make changes in the moves you make. Knowing why she is playing so – to be sure, to test you more, to garner attention or has no interest will give you an added advantage. You can easily interpret and decide whether to continue playing or to exit onto a brand new game with brand new players.

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