Do the Exact Opposite of a Woman’s Advise on Dating

If you are being advised by a woman about dating never even listen to it. You may feel that a woman is the perfect source to tell you about what a woman wants. But this is never so. There is no greater mystery in this world than women.

Avoid advice from a woman in any case. Respect a woman and offer her flowers and other gifts once you feel she deserves it. But if you are in the nightclub trying to attract her know that women put you through various kinds of tests. You obviously wont like to be tested by a woman. Especially if you want her to get attracted. What you have to do is to break through all these test and thereby show that you don’t need to qualify her tests.

It is a fact that women themselves don’t know what attracts them to a man. They would always say that they need a guy who is nice and shares their feelings. If you stick to this advise you will never grow up beyond the friendship level. If you have a woman friend, you will surely have heard her blame her boyfriend for not treating her well. But the question is : why does she continue with the same guy? It is more than just the nice guy that attracts women to men.

But there are sometimes when it is you who are responsible for your rejection. You approach her and are mean and vulgar, hence you are bound to get rejected. Or you approach her very timidly, all evident in your body language, you will be rejected. Or you are the nice guy and she just wants to be your friend. You will be very close to her, but you will never become her lover.

I suggest to try this. Ask your female friends about what attracts them towards a guy. They would never say that they look for a challenge. Then examine whom they get attracted to. It will often be those who are out of their league. They do no realize that we get attracted to people whom we see as more valuable and worthy than ourselves. Often it could mean people who are totally not like you. you wont prefer the nice guy who would do anything for you. You, for him are out of league and not the other way round.

But women never tell you this. They will give you the “nice guy” thing as usual. They will also advise you to be yourself and not to worry if a woman doesn’t like you. this is very far from reality. If you are shy, timid and a wuss it is time for you to change. It is absolutely your choice what you become. I am sure no one wants to end up a wuss. But still some become so. There is a very simple solution for attracting women. Stop doing things that repel women. If it requires you to change your personality , introspect yourself then get to the task right now. Don’t be lazy if you want women to get attracted to you.

Women who give advice about dating are completely oblivious about a simple rule. Men are very different than women. Women think that men should do what they do. They have no idea about what is it to be a man. Hence, they try to make a man guilty about things which is normal for a m an. Hence don’t listen to them.

Going further

A woman’s advise about dating will always be about the man changing himself so that a woman starts liking him. They do not care what it costs a man to do so. This is not good for either the man or the woman he wants to date.

Remember this : no one will want to date a dumbo!

In conclusion I would strongly advise against following a woman’s advice on dating. What you should do is only listen to her and do the exact opposite. You will succeed for sure.

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