The DO’s and DON’Ts While Seducing Woman

The DO’s and DON’Ts while seducing woman

Be self assured
This is very vital and you must have a lot of it. The more the better. If you lack in it, you can build it over a period of time. One way is to tell a beautiful woman,” Hey, I think you are going to tip over your shoes” and walk away. Try something like the above. It is not a trick to start a conversation, it just aims at boosting your confidence level.

In the end you want to be more confident rather than only “feeling” it. It should become a part of your personality. You should be so confident that you need not boost yourself up every time you try at striking a conversation with a woman.

Try what you know:
All theory is of no use if you do nothing about it. Knowledge about seduction is good only if you try it out. Only then will you know which technique is the best for you. This will also help you gain experience and thus confidence when you seduce a woman.

Begin the talking:
This is very helpful when there is utter silence between you two. Always ask questions which will give her chance to talk about. These questions usually begin with “what”. Always be ready with few such questions when the conversation reaches a point where there is nothing but silence between you. If you questions ar good enough, you will engage her in talking. Be sure that you don’t ask her same mundane questions that people usually ask her.

Reiterate what she says:
Woman love it when they know that the other person is understanding what they are trying to say. For that you have to be a good listener. Rephrase and repeat all that she has said to you. This creates a bond between you and her. Agree with her even if you know she is wrong. This will strengthen your relation. The simple mantra here is – repeat all that she says in such a way that it feels fresh and new point of view to her.

The DON’Ts :

You should engage in a conversation that should capture her interest. You should stimulate her imagination and make her feel craving for you. Some tips as to what you should avoid in a conversation, if you desire to be successful:

• Don’t over drink. Overdrinking is a big turn off for women.

• Never bring your personal issues while talking to her.

• Be positive when you talk. Don’t be critical.

• Never even bring the topic of your previous girlfriends, lest crib about them.

• Don’t talk about your negative traits. She is not interested in knowing what you lack.

• Don’t be in a hurry. It shows your lack of confidence and personality.

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