Easy Way to Attract a Woman

Many guys want to know the way to make a woman jealous, as they know that in many cases it is the easiest way to attract her. This is particularly true for guys who want to get a girl, or are trying to patch up with a one who dumped them. Another situation when they want to make the woman is when they want to go up the level from the friendly zone to the physical intimacy level.

She is fond of you, but not to the extent that she will be ready to spend the night with you. It is good that you are her friend already. You now have to move on from the friend zone to a relationship zone. So you have to learn what an alpha male is like and adopt some of his methodologies.

The best way and a damn sure technique is to make her jealous. Date some other girl and put all efforts to make her aware that you are dating someone else. Or invent a girl on your own and not let her know that she is a figment of your imagination and not a reality.

While you are conversing with your female friend, ask her some intimate questions like what position is the best for a female to reach an orgasm or ask her what turns her on. This is when and how you cross the friendship zone and enter the intimacy zone. The girl wont be as surprised as you expected her to be. Make sure that when you pose these questions to her, you are confident. Never feel guilty or apologize for having broached the topic. If you do so, you will become the beta male instantaneously.

Reduce the frequency of seeing her, but when you are with her make her feel happy. Do something different. This will make her look forward to meeting you and spend more time with you. She will gradually dread the time when you are not with her.

Speak about sexual issues with her off and on. Remember that this should not be the sole topic of your discussion, otherwise she will think that you only want to sleep with her. Be serious when you discuss sex with her. If you do so you will give her the impression that you are immatured.

Confidence is the key. If you are not the alpha male, fake it. Initially you will not be confident, but over a period of time you will be sure of yourself. The confidence will become an inherent part of you over a period of time.

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