Getting Rejected by Women: Nothing to Fear About

It is very normal for a man to be rejected by a woman. Irrespective of how rich he is, how good he looks or talks he will be rejected by a woman at some period in life. Only exception to this fact is for a man who never tries to approach a woman.

If you are among those who want to date women, but want to minimize the chances of rejection, you have to know what makes women reject men. This article tells you about some of the reasons and advises you how to not make blunders and thereby increase the chances of getting a date.

It is perfectly normal to fear rejection. You can never overcome this fear. You can improve your methods of approaching women or you could feel less nervous about approaching women. But the fear will be there. Just accept it and this is the best way to deal with it. Feel it, accept it and go about doing what you want.

Be competent with your skills when with women. How to be so? Lets get into details now.

It is the not something in man that makes women reject him. It is the woman’s psyche that makes her do so. She is one of those people who hates men. Her mother might have told her many things good about men, but she has developed a hardcore hatred for men. She feel no man is worth her and rejects all who approach her. Even the pope or Tom Cruise will get rejected by her.

Remember that 1 out of 10 women you approach will reject you. hence, next time when you want to approach women but fear getting rejected, this is what you tell yourself. “ I know that I may get rejected by some women. But that is not because I lack something. It is purely because these women are sociopaths. If I want to be successful with women, I will have to handle these kind too”

There are some women are very approachable and easy to talk to. They never give you the feel that they don’t like men approaching them. Yet you will be rejected by them. It is because these women are already committed. Hence 50% of the times you will get rejected because she is already committed, particularly if the woman if easy to approach and talk to. To accept fear and go about doing what you feel say this to yourself. “ I know that some women will reject me because they already have a guy. This is no negative point for me. I have to accept the situation that’s it!”

Do you see the trend here? it’s only because of the woman that men get rejected. It is nothing personal and you need not be depressed. There are some other reasons too because of which women reject men. First, she has the habit of flirting. She loves attention and hence flirts to garner some of it. This is true with woman who have low self-confidence. The other reason is that all the men she has dated till now have had such an impact on her that she doesn’t want to get into any more relationships. She will reject you unless she is ready again to date someone.

Another very much possible reason for her rejecting you is the timing. She may have had a tragedy in her personal life and it is this time when you tell her. Even though you have a great chemistry with her, she will reject you.

Most men rejected not because they lag something. It is because of factors out of their control. Hence don’t worry if you get rejected, don’t get depressed, move on.

But there are sometimes when it is you who are responsible for your rejection. You approach her and are mean and vulgar, hence you are bound to get rejected. Or you approach her very timidly, all evident in your body language, you will be rejected. Or you are the nice guy and she just wants to be your friend. You will be very close to her, but you will never become her lover.

Then you are worthy of rejection.

Don’t get depressed. If you know that it is you who is responsible for the rejection then you can change the situation. If you do not know what to and how to speak to a woman, find a guy who is a professional in this, and learn from him. If you are too nice guy, to attract a woman, find a way to become a person who can attract women. But be true to them and yourself.

To summarize: don’t worry about factors that are out of your control. Also don’t worry about factors which you can control, because you can correct it immediately. Hence you have nothing to worry about.

Having now known that you have nothing to worry about, doesn’t mean you don’t fear the rejection. It means that you fear the rejection, but accept it as normal and keep approaching women.

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