Going Up the Relationship Chain With Your Woman

I have seen this happen with many of my students. They know how to make a woman attract towards them. They know the reason why the nice guys become friends and how to be stubborn and weird in such a way that makes women want them, without thinking of them to be nerds.

The confidence among them is very high. They will approach any women and will be able to take her phone number very casually. They have such an aura that when a woman sees them she will invariably come and talk to them. But the relation stays put there without going to higher levels. These guys never are able to take the women home with them.

The best way to attract a woman is to be a mystery for her. When you first meet her, be arrogant as well as funny. This will do many things to her. It will make her laugh and she will know about your confidence and that you are in total control. It will also baffle her to know if you are interested in her or are just teasing her. This is the best and unfailing technique to garner a woman’s attention.

This is the first move of the game. You are able to get her attention. She is all over you because you are a mystery for her. But what next? Now that you have her attention what else must you do to garner her attention.

To do so you have to stimulate her imagination and emotions. This will be hard if you don’t know her and the trick to do it. The best thing is to introduce topics to converse about that she likes. First get her attention and then talk about things that capture her emotions and make her feel good. This Feeling Good is extremely important since females have a tendency to cling to things that make them feel good.

You take the lead while talking to her.

Most of the people in this world are followers. The leaders are few. But being in the lead doesn’t mean you have to tease her always. When it comes to talking you have to take a balanced approach. You have to carefully master the art of conversation by evaluating how she reacts to the topics. Accordingly you also drive the conversation in a specific direction.

If you can master this act of balancing the conversation, you are sure to have the woman’s attention forever.

It is believed that the nice guys never get the girls and the bad boys always end up with the finest of the girls. But it is not the truth. Neither extremes are true. The balance is the winner. The nice guys spend too much time in evaluating the reaction and sticking to it. No guiding the conversation at all. This is very unattractive for the woman.

The arrogant on the other hand concentrates on leading and guiding and doesn’t give her much space. This attitude will help you pick up a woman but at the same time you will get slapped even more.

I am sure you don’t want to be either of the above cases. You have to lead the way, but in a way that she feels connected to you emotionally also. If you are the cocky-funny type you will be able to get her attention but to take the relationship to the next level, this approach is not what should be followed.

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