How to be Kissable: 8 Tips

There is a number of factors that can affect whether a person is considered kissable or not. This can range from physical things such as bad breath or crusty lips to problems with technique. Fortunately, there are also a number of things that a person can do to keep these problems at bay and ensure that being kissable at any time is guaranteed.

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1. First of all, your breath has to be fresh. The easiest way to ensure this is to make sure you brush and floss your teeth at least two times a day. After meals, or any time you feel like your breath may be less than desirable, it is a good idea to have some type of breath freshener such as a mint, breath strip, or gum. For those who have more severe issues with bad breath, a strip may be the most effective method. These tend to be stronger and can kill even the most horrible garlic odor. While gum will work, you do need to be careful to dispose of it before you start to kiss. You do not want to accidentally pass your gum to your partner while kissing.

2. Be sure to keep your lips soft and moist. A good lip balm will do this for you. It will keep your lips from being chapped and will make them more kissable. If you are about to kiss, and don’t have any lip moisturizer handy, simply run your tongue across your lips for an immediate touch of moisture. However, be careful not to leave too much saliva on your lips; you want them moist, not dripping wet.

3. Take care of your skin as well. Using a moisturizer on your body will keep your skin soft and touchable, which adds to your attractiveness. A product with shea butter is highly recommended. It adds a great deal of moisture without adding that greasy feel.

4. Look your partner in the eyes. The eyes give you a window to your partner’s thoughts and emotions, and this can help you to connect on a deeper level. Locking eyes can also be an invitation to kissing. If you wear glasses, you may want to consider removing them if you plan to kiss. This will help you to avoid awkward contact with them, and it will also allow your partner to feel like they are looking more deeply into your eyes. Make sure you remove them before you start to kiss, though, because removing them after you have started can be quite a distraction.

5. Do not dress so that you will be uptight and unable to relax. Part of appearing kissable is being relaxed and comfortable. Wear clothing that is neat and clean, but wear items that you are comfortable in. Guys, you should also make sure your face is clean-shaven. Most girls do not want a guy’s stubble scratching them as they kiss.

6. Check out your partner’s lips. Seeing your eyes drift that way can plant the idea of kissing in their minds and can help make the move to kissing easier. It will sometimes lead your partner to make the first, taking that pressure off of you. However, if they do not seem to get the hint or do not seem interested, maybe you should postpone kissing until a later time.

7. Be sure your mouth is moist but not dripping. Swallow any excess fluid discretely before you start to kiss. No one wants to kiss a wad of mucus or a puddle of saliva. French kissing can especially increase the amount of saliva that is produced in the mouth, and you don’t want to hold that.

8. Smile at your partner and make sure they know you are comfortable and happy to be with them. If you seem tense, it can give the impression that you do not care to be with them. Instead, remember that they may be just as nervous as you, and it is ok. Just relax, smile, and have fun!


• Guys: If your girl is staring you down and leaning in towards you, wake up! She wants you to kiss her. Do you know how to kiss? Do so right then or as soon as the environment allows you to do so.

• Don’t be afraid to surprise your partner with a kiss….if you are certain that he/she feels that way about you. If you are not sure where your relationship stands, you may want to save the surprise for another time.

• If you are casually kissing someone and it is not going to be overly intimate, do not lick your lips. Many people do not like wet kisses except in an intimate atmosphere.

• To be totally kissable, you cannot smoke or use any sort of tobacco product. It causes you to have bad breath and makes your teeth yellow, which can be a turnoff to many people. Additionally, it is bad for your health, and many individuals do not want to be with someone who does not care enough about themselves to take care of their bodies.

• Girls: If you are ok with being kissed, let your guy know. Guys often like to kiss early in a relationship, so make sure your guy knows you are open to that.

• Consider a light lipstick to make a guy notice your lips. Also, if you think you might be kissing, use a flavored lip gloss to give him an additional treat when he locks lips with you.

• If you are enjoying the kiss, let it linger. It doesn’t have to end in any certain length of time. Have fun in the moment and enjoy each other.

• Gently run your partner’s hair through your fingers while kissing. Be careful not to snag your fingers in any tangles. This can be a huge turn-on for many individuals. Ladies, if you think you may be involved in heavy kissing, consider using fewer hair products so your hair is super soft for your guy.

• Be sure of your boundaries before you ever start kissing. If kissing is all you want to do, make that obvious and do not allow your partner to force you into anything you don’t want. It can be easy to get lost in a moment, but do not go beyond what you are comfortable with.

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