How to Be Popular

1. Why do you want to become popular? - is it because you just want to get into a group? Do you want to impress people and be a member of a certain class or do you intend to make more friends so that you can enjoy? Do you want to impress, attract and seduce the opposite sex with ease? You can become popular through various means and you may need to do a lot, but first you have to evaluate if all those things you need to do are really worth for attaining popularity.

2. Be at ease with what you are and have a confident body language: others will notice you if you are confident and will come to you. Once you are at ease with being lonely and satisfied with what you are, you will be able to make friends easily.

3. Carve out your own image: many are of the opinion that wearing different clothes and having a different hairstyle are enough to make you popular. On the contrary, frequent changes in your style make you look as if you are toiling at it. Hence presnet yourself in a fashion that all can see the best in you. For example, a short hair cut might help you highlight your eyes or lips or smile or a jeans you wear will show the level of confidence you posses. Change is a good way to present yourself. But find out the fashion which is not of out date and which would suit your personality too. The most confident people are those who don’t hesitate to try out new things.

4. Be proud of how you look and strive to be fit: Be clean if you want to attract people. Shower, brush and use perfumes and deodorants. Do not make people uncomfortable when they are with you. Odor is one thing people don’t like. Also to appear fresh wash your face as often as possible. Also, you can reduce the sprouting up of acne every now and then. Girls may use a moderate amount of make up.

5. Be passionate: get involoved in some events like athletics, community service or some other avocation. When you become a member of a group you develop bonding with your team-mates. This bonding can inspire and instill confidence in you. Don’t worry about people. Just get involved in what you think you can contribute your best in. eventually people will recognize you talent and you will get the due credit. You need not be a popular football player or cheerleader to become popular. There are many other ways to become popluar.

6. Never hesitate: Don’t hide your talents. Show all facets and particularly those which people around you are not aware of. This will make you popular and people will be interested in forging relationship with you. If you show this talent to a large number of people, you can spread your name faster. But do not be boastful. Humility is the key here.

7. Be aggressive and social: Friends will not come to you, particularly if you are known to be a person who is shy and not the social kind of. Even if you do not like being in the company of people, you have to break out of that belief and try to be social. Do not hesitate any chance to talk to a person – be it a queue you are standing or the person sitting next to you in a hall.

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8. Talk: try striking a conversation to 3 people whom you don’t know daily. Just go them and ask them any doubt you have. And when you talk to them, have a smiling face. Don’t think what the other will think about you, just go ahead and find a reason to talk to him/her. The moment you allow these thoughts to come, you will never be able to talk to anyone new. Don’t underestimate yourself or the person you intend to talk to. Have a personality which makes people want to talk to you.

9. Share some part of your life: This doesn’t have to be something big or great. Just narrate some anecdote or experience you have had in your life. Make them feel when you tell them. If possible narrate something funny which will elevate their moods. This will people to behave naturally when around you. They will be able to express themselves freely when around with you.

10. Be a relationship man: Don’t treat people as items. They are people, with souls, hobbies, intersts etc. Learn about them and praise them for their talents. People love to be praised because it increases their self esteem. So if you want to get noticed- show interest in other people, rather than making people think of you as interesting. Also try to make friends and forge relationship with new people always.

11. Mix up with people: never lose contact with your old friends. Never let them have the opinion that you don’t need them because you have found some replacement. Don’t stick to one group. Be a member of every group, so that others think you are a person who can get along with anyone. Don’t remove anyone, otherwise you would create enemies, which will certainly not help your popularity.

12. Do things you have never tried: try out things you have never done earlier. If you want people to notice you do something that you have never tried out ever earlier. It could be doing crazy things like dancing like mad at a formal venue .but don’t give others the opinion that you are doing this to garner attention. Be natural. You will be amazed to know how good you feel and you will gain a lot of affection and respect from people around you. They will recognise you as a person who thinks independently and will follow what his mind says. However, be sure you do not become a joker or an entertainer to them. Have some dignity to yourself.

13. Don’t think too much: being popular is a state of mind. It is also called "charisma".If you try too hard to become popular, people will dismiss you.

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Popularity is how people see you. So the best way for people to see you as a genuine person is to be true always. Use these tip in an intelligent way and you will see the surge in your popularity soon.

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