How Do Ugly Men Date Beauties?

You can find a variety of women in this world. There are the ordinary kind of woman and there the ones who throw you out of gear. They have an absolute charm which captives men. Their hair, grace and personality is all makes you a puppet in their hands.

What is the secret in getting this kind of women?

The path to success is certainly never easy. Men usually tend to focus on the physical beauty of a woman. If you gather a group of 100 men and bring a hot woman amongst them, it is for sure that all will be ready to sleep with her. Women on other hand are different. If you try out similar thing with a group of women, very few will readily agree to sleep with the hot guy.

This is because women give more importance to the emotional connection with a guy. For them what they feel when they are with the guy is more important than how hot the guy looks. This is why men who don’t look good are able to date beautiful men. They are able to make the woman feel good with them.

What do they do? Letting a woman know that she has emotionally earned your interest is a super reliable way to start her attraction mechanism. Tell me if this approach sounds familiar. Man spots a hot woman. Buys her a drink so as to able to start a conversation. Compliments her and if things go fine asks her out for dinner. Obviously the dinner is on him.

How does the woman feel emotionally about this whole affair? She feels that the man is desperate and has to buy her attention. He compliments her because he wants her to know that he is interested. Buying dinner is in a way buying her attention because he is not complete or competent enough to find out some other unique way.

Don't get me wrong. Complimenting is good and being able to provide for someone is also good. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help you create attraction when you meet a person for the very first time. Even if you do the same thing in your further meetings, building attraction is a very remote possibility.

Attraction usually occurs in the first 30 seconds of communication, and 85% of it happens within the first three minutes of being with someone. For it to happen, you have to show your woman that you are worth it. Never let her know that you need her attention. This will make her feel that you are scared and in need. Let me fix that for you. Be aware that you don’t need anyone’s acceptance. There are way too many hot women in this world and she is not the only option available to you.

There are too many woman you can easily date with. Show the woman that you are no in need of her approval. Instead show that she is the one who needs to get approved. You have show the woman that you are above her. A woman will never date a guy who is below her worth, she will definitely fall for a guy who is above her worth.

There are numerous ways to prove that you are worth her. I have detailed these techniques on my website. For now, I give you one of those. When you meet a lady, instead of complimenting say something that will embarrass her. Yes, believe me. Having embarrassed add a tinge of humor so that she doesn’t think of you as a jerk.

For instance, when you see a woman with a nice shirt, walk up to her and say “ nice shirt. Did you buy it new?”. This approach makes the woman feel that you are totally confident of your affairs and also you are not afraid of her beauty. Hope you get what I want to convey to you.

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