How to Get Your Girl to Kiss You Everytime You Want

Take a poll of men who are in committed relationships, and many will feel as if they are the only ones who ever take the initiative romantically. This makes many of them unhappy and can even make them doubt their own self-worth. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem.

1. Always take time to be affectionate towards your lady. When you meet up with her, greet her with a hug and a kiss. Cuddle with her on the couch, and run your fingers through her hair. When in public, be willing to hold her hand or put your arm around her. Chances are, when you shower her with affection, she is going to give you some back.

2. Show yourself to be likeable. Do not be someone who is extremely negative and is always complaining. Learn how to kiss. Make her want to spend lots of time with you. Talk about things you have in common, and show her that you care about and are concerned about things that she enjoys.

3. Take pride in your appearance, including fragrances. Wear a scent that she will find attractive and pleasing. A nice cologne or after shave can do wonders to draw her closer to you!

4. If you want your woman to be affectionate to you, you have to make sure you give plenty and do so often! Do not wait until she has made a move first; you need to be willing to take the plunge and make the first step. If you find yourself not wanting to, and you find that the two of you do not find enjoyment in similar things and are not comfortable enough with each other to be easily affectionate, chances are you are not compatible and you may never receive the affection you desire from her.

5. Be sure to let her know when she does something that you like. Dish out the compliments! Do not be fake with the comments you make, but let her know that you think something looks nice or that she did something well. You don’t have to have fancy, flowery speech to do this; just make sure she knows that you enjoy her and that you like to be with her.

6. Bring her a gift when you see her. You don’t have to go overboard and shower her with expensive gifts, but any little token of your affection is a nice gesture. You may bring her a favorite candy bar or a card or a box of tissue when she has a runny nose. Anything that shows her that you care and are concerned about her would be appropriate.

7. Do whatever it takes to make sure she knows that she is the most important person in the world to you. Show her that no one else is above her and that you will do anything possible to make her comfortable and happy.

Additional tips:
• Take the first step to show affection to her, and she will more than likely reciprocate.

• If you are nervous about making that first step, make sure you are willing to allow her to. Read How to kiss a girl tutorial. Be open to receiving a kiss from her if you don’t want to kiss her first. You don’t want back away from her when she moves in.

• Be sure she is actually interested in moving forward in your relationship before you take the plunge. It is humiliating to move in, only to find that she wants to take it slowly.

• Shower her with compliments on her physical appearance. Every woman wants to feel beautiful.

• If you are at the kissing point already, try kissing her neck. This is an extremely pleasurable spot for many women, and you can tell by both physical and vocal responses if she enjoys it. If you feel her pull away, you know this is not an acceptable point, but it is worth a try.

• When you do go out, make sure you go places where you can actually enjoy conversation with each other. You don’t want to go somewhere like the movies because you end up forced to sit in silence and you do not really have an opportunity to get to know each other. Find a nice, calm, quiet place like a coffee shop or the waterfront.

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