How to Give Head

Is your woman able to satisfy you when she gives you head? Most women don't because there are no classes and the average woman does not watch porn so unless she has learned from conversations with her friends or has picked up advice from other men she has dated she probably could use a little help.

By reading this article, you will be able to help her do a better job of giving you head. But remember that self-confidence is the key to success with women. If you feel lack of self-confidence - use Subliminal Images software, it will make you more confident, successful and attractive.

Often women focus only on using their mouth when giving head. Men really enjoy it when women use their mouth and their hands. Play with the balls gently, massaging and fondling them. Hold them in your hands while you use your mouth. Men love having their balls fondled so using your hands will really make it a lot more enjoyable for your man when you give him head.

Try stroking his penis in an up and down motion to match your mouth's motion while you hold onto it like it is a bottle. Make sure to let a lot of saliva get around the base of the penis so it will give him the sensation of you deep throating him even if you are not. To maximize his pleasure do this using a light but firm grip on his penis.

Adding ice can be exciting for your man. You can either suck on ice before hand or put an ice cube in your hand and rub it up and down his penis while giving him head.

A great position for both of you when you are giving him head is to sit in front of him on a chair or stool so you are comfortable and don't strain your neck and so he can see what you are doing because men love to watch. He may get so excited that he grabs your head or your hair while you are giving him head.

Another position that men enjoy is them laying down on a bed or floor while you give them head. This way they are totally comfortable and can still watch you and enjoy what you are doing.

Giving your man head should be fun for both of you so don't worry too much about technique. Just focus your attention on his penis and remember that the more attention you give him and his penis the more you will get later when it's your turn. Talk to him and see what he likes and doesn't like so it can be as enjoyable for him as possible.

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