How to Kiss

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1. There is nothing worse than dry kissing so make sure that you lubricate your mouth by quickly moisturizing your lips with your tongue. Once should suffice, as you do not want to shift from one extreme to another, i.e. dry as a bone, wet as a sponge! If you find that your lips get dry during the course of the day then the best thing to counter this is to have some chapstick to the handy.

2. When it comes to kissing, the angle which your head is at can make a major difference to how pleasurable the experience is for you both. If you both have your heads directly facing each other then you will end up banging into each other and hitting the other’s nose.

3. When you are both ready to move in to kiss the other, you may find it easier on you both if you happen to close your eyes. Whilst some eye contact can be an extremely intimate and pleasurable thing to maintain, don’t overegg the cake as it can be very unnerving staring at your partner in such close proximity! Open your eyes occasionally, and savor the moment.

4. Remember; tread softly with the first kiss. The last thing you want to do is to attack your partner’s mouth with a lunge, (however much your passion may drive you to act like that) as you will end putting them off and even scaring them. Keep your lips naturally closed (however, there is no need to purse them too tightly) and lightly brush your lips off theirs. There IS a fine art to learning how to kiss, and no one is ever born a great kisser and so it takes time, patience, and PLENTY of experience.

5. Whilst you may think that French kissing is one of the best expressions of affection and intimacy between a couple, you cannot unilaterally make the decision for your partner. In other words, you can’t just dart your tongue out and hope for the best, if your partner is interested in French kissing then they will indicate so by opening their mouth slightly as they kiss. If you are still not sure, simply run your tongue over their lips and see whether or not they will open their mouth as a result. If they keep their mouth firmly shut then obviously you have miscalculated the moment and you will need to wait for a more opportune moment.

6. If you and your partner are eager to experiment then you may want to try some different techniques using your tongue. The tongue contains a very high number of nerve endings and so even the lightest touch between the two tongues will cause a frenzy of pleasure and generally good feelings. Just make sure that you actually stop and savour the sensation rather than attacking their tongue with yours, remember it is meant to be enjoyable, not warfare! Take it slow, and most importantly, take it gently. Your partner maybe rather taken aback with how passionate you are and trust me, there is no surer way to kill the mood.

7. Don’t hurry French kissing as you will miss all the fun. If you rush it, you will end up turning this most pleasurable act into an extremely tedious affair, and neither of you will appreciate it very much.

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