How to Kiss for the First Time

Have you been considering kissing someone one or being kissed by someone? Have you finally met the person with whom you want to share your first kiss? As pleasurable as this experience can be, the first time can also be a little nerve-wracking. Perhaps the tips given below will help you to make the most of the moment!

1. Keep mints or gum handy. You want to make sure your breath is fresh and enticing.

2. Lean in closely as you lock eyes with your partner. Rest your head on his shoulder and gaze up at him; if he moves to put his arm around you, strike! Move slowly in for a kiss. If he does not seem to be moving at the same speed as you, just remember that he may not quite be ready yet. Relax and give him time to warm up.

3. Check out his lips! Lower your eyes and look at them, and then slowly glance back up at him, giving him a gaze that says you welcome them!

4. Remember to relax and do not add any unnecessary pressure to the situation. If he is not ready to kiss, do not freak out and make a big deal out of it. Definitely do not pressure him into it. Wait until another time, when it feels right, and try again. This may be later in the date or another day altogether.

5. Make sure he knows you want to kiss. Putting your arms around his neck or massaging his neck will signal to him that you are ready to become a little more intimate.

6. Be willing to make the first move. Some guys are not as forward as others, and many guys have been warned their entire lives about unwanted advances towards women. You may need to gently show him that you welcome a move so he will realize that kissing you is something you want and is not going too far.

7. Ask him to kiss you. Suppose you have tried to give him some signals, and he just hasn’t made the move. There is nothing wrong with coming right out and suggesting to him that you kiss. If he doesn’t make a move then, chances are he won’t.

1. Despite what you may think, most girls want dates to kiss them. You do not have to be shy about it. Let her know how you feel about her and let her know that you desire to kiss her.

2. Keep a package of breath mints close by and make sure to have one often while you are together. You want your breath to be fresh and kissable at any time.

3. Be respectful of your partner. Most girls do not want to be passionately involved with you in public. This is especially true of a first kissing experience. It is important to make sure you can share the moment privately.

4. Keep an eye out for signs from your partner about the kiss. Be careful to pay close attention because sometimes signals can be misleading. Girls sometimes flirt verbally when they do not necessarily want anything physical to come of it quite yet. This could be a game, but your date could also not quite be sure of what she wants. You don’t want to force her into anything she isn’t comfortable with, so you need to make sure she has given you proper body language to say you can kiss her.

5. Look into her eyes. If she is willing to maintain this eye contact, you can be fairly certain that she is ready to move on with you.

6. Move in smoothly and slowly. You don’t want to rush in like you are desperate. Instead, you want to be relaxing and gentle as you kiss her.

7. Embrace her gently. A first kiss is not the time to fondle her; take your time and show her that you can be a gentleman. Pull her close to you without going too far into grinding mode.

8. Make eye contact with her – yes, again. This shows her that you are genuinely interested in her and not just in the physical. It shows you desire to connect on a deeper level.

9. Find her lips. This may sound simple enough, but if you do not look at them, it will be easy to miss.

10. Find a happy medium between a little peck and a passionate French kiss. You want to be passionate, but you don’t want to shove your tongue down her throat. You want to have a first kiss that is pleasurable but is tender. Do not keep your lips tightly closed but don’t have them open and slobbery either. Don’t let the kiss go on too long, but let it linger enough that she can tell you are enjoying it.

11. Sit back and see how she responds. Don’t talk or try to critique the kiss. Instead, smile and embrace her. Enjoy this intimate time without a lot of conversation.

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