How to kiss a girl

A worrying trend that I have quickly noticed among men who are lacking in experience with the ladies is that they really have no concept as to the protocols and unwritten rules governing kissing. However, even the most seasoned Casanovas struggle from time to time to get the balance right and a great deal of the problem stems from Hollywood. Too many of us guys either rely upon romantic movies or porn films to provide us with inspiration as to the next decision to make. This article will identify what to do, and how to do it for optimal results.

Say the kiss goodnight goodbye!
Ok guys, confession time: how many of you have sought to kiss your date at the end of the night, and then failed miserably as a result? Here is the crux of the matter: it is clichéd and it comes across as artificial and forced, as if you have to do it because it is expected of you, rather than because you want to do it. It shows a real lack of imagination and that guys, is a major turn off.

Timing is key
A good kiss is just like good comedy: the timing is critical to the ultimate success of the punch line. If the mood is right and she is obviously giving clear signals that she finds you attractive then move in and give her a kiss. This could be at any time during the course of the date, and does not necessarily have to be during a romantic aspect of the date. Just make sure that there is a clear chemistry between you to, otherwise you will end up offending her and turning her off.

When to kiss ?
Hollywood has a LOT to answer for, especially nurturing the illusion that the kiss goodnight will actually secure a long term relationship or that it is the expected thing to do. The problem with the kiss goodnight is that not only is it a lame move but it means that the girl does not expect it and is then left in a very uncomfortable position where she may have to directly rebut your advances which will embarrass you both. The best time to kiss is when you are both comfortable, and obviously have a clear rapport with one another. If you find that there are awkward silences, gaps in the conversation and a general avoidance of eye contact, then it is safe to say that kissing is not a wise move at all.

When should you kiss a girl? When she is comfortable and receptive to the kiss. How to kiss? Be on the lookout for body language and cues from her posture. If she is maintaining eye contact, constantly playing with her hair and smiling, all the while taking an active interest in what you have to say then you should exploit the situation and move in for the kill. If a woman is finding excuses to press herself closer to you, is making body contact with her hands, arms or chest, even her legs or feet then this her way of shouting “yes! Move in and kiss you sexy guy!”

What I do is move closer to her and raise my hand to brush away some of the hair that has managed to land on her face, and then gently tuck it behind her ear. I use that as a litmus test to gauge how receptive she is. If you find that her breathing is slow and she is silent, then she is expecting you to move in and kiss her. So don’t leave her hanging!

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