How to Make Out

A kiss can be very exciting and very intense if it is with the right person. If you want to take it farther than a kiss and make out, which means extended kissing then we have some help for you. Making out is also known as "getting off" if you are British or "meeting" if you are Irish. It is a little more complicated to make out with someone and requires more skill than just kissing. If you have never made out with anyone you should find the article about making out for the first time and read that first. If you just need some pointers to make your make out session better with a new love interest or your boyfriend or girlfriend than here are some suggestions.

1. Don't rush. Uncomfortable moments like bumping noses, bumping teeth, hitting someone with your elbow and more happen because people are not taking their time or they are trying to change positions to quickly. You don't want to rush into the passionate kisses because those are only going to be a small part of making out. Work up to them slowly. Making out is something like French kissing, so you can read the article related to French kissing too.

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2. Be sure to smile at your partner and stare into their eyes. Stop what you are doing and look them in the eyes once in awhile to deepen the emotional connection. Touch their face or lean in and rest your forehead on theirs for a moment. This will make your make out session more personal and lead to a more emotional connection between the two of you. If the person you are with acts uncomfortable it may be that they are nervous and not used to relating to people on such a deep emotional level. If you feel it, this is a great time to say "I Love You".

3. Kiss your partners face and their neck, not just their lips. Make an effort to stop kissing their lips and move elsewhere every so often. Make slow, gentle movements. You don't want to bump into their nose or their eyes and end up hurting them! Start by kissing them in the corner of their mouth and go down to their jaw and then down to the neck or up to the forehead. When kissing your partner's ears make sure you do it quietly so you don't startle them or hurt their ears!

4. Include a lot of hugging. After you kiss their head or neck, wrap them up in a huge hug and hold them tightly. This will also help improve your emotional connection with the person. Let your lips rest for a little bit and gently massage their back while you hug them.

5. Gently run your fingers over or through their hair. Guys like it if you start at the front and run your hands through their hair to the neck. Women like it if you run your fingers down through their hair. Make sure you don't get your hand stuck and pull their hair especially if it is very curly or if they are wearing their hair up. In these cases, try gently rubbing their hair near their ears and if any strands are lose, put them gently behind their ears.

6. Communicate with your partner so you both stay involved. You aren't going to want to carry on a long conversation about something important but look them in the eyes and ask how they are doing or how they are feeling and tell them how you are feeling.

7. Don't be so serious. Unlike movie kisses where the intensity level is high, real life is much lighter and less serious. Uncomfortable moments are going to occur and you should laugh about them with your partner instead of worrying about them and getting serious. If things start getting serious try tickling your partner to make the mood lighter and less intense.

Things To Remember When You Are Making Out:

1. Don't keep the kiss going for too long. It is OK to break the kiss every so often and then start over. Gently pull away and then go back in for another kiss. You don't want a kiss to turn into tongue wrestling because that isn't fun for anyone.
2. Don't kiss with your eyes open. Your partner is likely to be freaked out if they see you staring at them during the kiss.
3. Know your limits before you start making out and stick to them. Do not do anything you are not comfortable or make anyone do anything they are not comfortable with. Learn to read your partners body language and read articles about how to tell when someone is ready to go farther if you need additional help.

Things Not To Do When You Are Making Out:

1. Don't kiss too hard or with too much force unless the other person really enjoys that.
2. Don't get involved in a make out session when you or the other person has had too much to drink or you may go farther than you have planned and be sorry later.
3. Don't let anyone make you do anything you are not comfortable with. All you have to do is say "NO".

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