How to Make Out for the First Time

Making out generally refers to an extended session of kissing that is generally more passionate than the basic kiss. For those who are headed in the direction of making out for the first time, the thought of such can make you a little nervous. There really is not anything to worry about if you are engaging in a make out session with someone you care a great deal about. However, for those who would like a few tips, there are some things that can help to ensure that your first make out experience is amazing.

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1. Relax and make sure you are comfortable. Find a position, either sitting or standing, that allows you to focus on kissing and not on how awkward it is. Find a location that is private and where others will not interrupt you. Location and timing are everything!

2. Don’t rush it. If you are both ready to be intimate, allow yourselves that opportunity. However, do not feel that you have to make out if one or both of you are not ready. You need to be sure that this is something you want before you take this step.

3. Take time to embrace each other. Besides being passionate, it is important to show affection to one another, and a hug is a great way to do that. You can do a simple “over the shoulder” hug or a deep hug where you pull your partner close. Try rubbing your partner’s back or stroking the hair while you hug to add another level of pleasure.

4. Move in towards your partner for a kiss. If your partner is ready, he or she will lean in also to receive the kiss. Watch out for each other’s noses! You want to hold your faces at an angle to avoid an awkward bump!

5. Let the kissing begin! Start slowly with gentle pecks on the lips. While it is ok to make eye contact, be careful not to stare at your partner. Keeping the eyes closed most of the time is best.

6. Go slowly and watch for reactions to make sure you do things that both of you enjoy. When you are first starting out, you do not know how to please each other yet. Pay attention to body language and noises to determine if something is ok or if you should stop. If your partner seems to pull back from you, you should cease. However, if your partner leans farther in or pulls you closer, get ready for more.

7. Allow your lips to part. Slide your tongue along your partner’s lips and watch the reaction. If your partner seems receptive, you can gradually ease your tongue into your partner’s mouth to explore. Slide your tongue around your partner’s tongue and teeth for a sensual experience.

8. Take your time. Enjoy the moment and don’t rush through it. You want to remember your first time, so give yourself plenty of memories. To add to the passion, run your hands through your partner’s hair. This can enhance the pleasure.

9. Let your partner know how much you enjoy kissing them. Compliment them on things you enjoyed. This will make them more likely to do it again.

10. Now that you’ve survived the first time, you can make out in the future with no worries!


• Be sure you brush and floss your teeth regularly. Good dental hygiene is important.

• Make sure your body smells nice as well. Use cologne, perfume, or deodorant.

• If you plan to enjoy a lengthy make out session, use the restroom beforehand! You don’t want to have to ruin the mood by announcing that you have to go. This also gives you a chance to check your breath and body smells.

• Do not be too forceful with kisses. Be gentle until you know that your partner wants harder, more passionate kisses.

• Pay attention to your partner’s needs and wants. Don’t do anything he or she isn’t ready for.


• Don’t let excess spit linger in your mouth. No one wants to kiss someone who is dripping wet.

• If you find that your partner is not a good kisser, slow down. Don’t be critical, but just take it slower.

• Be sure you know what your boundaries are before you get too far in.

• Guys, don’t let your beard be scratchy. Ladies don’t like to have a five o’clock shadow scrubbing their faces as you kiss.

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